Mita-Teknik offers a range of accessories designed for the wind industry. We find the accessories necessary to ensure that your wind turbine is stable and efficient, based on your specifications and experience. The accessories from Mita-Teknik are all developed, tested and certified for the wind industry and are fully integratable with all Mita-Teknik Control Systems.

Proximity Sensors
The inductive proximity sensors are typically used for measuring the speed of the wind turbine rotor and generator, but can also be used to measure other moving components such as yaw and pitch.'

Temperature Sensors
Our PT100 temperature sensors are available in various mechanical designs for easy mounting on generators, bearings, gear box etc. The sensors have the ability to compensate for the cable length to achieve an accurate temperature measurement.

Weather Measurement
Our weather measurement accessories consist of wind direction sensors, wind speed sensors, temperature measurement, precipitation sensors, humidity measurement and air pressure. The sensors comes in versions for cold climate, on- and offshore.

Vibration Sensors
We have a wide range of vibration sensors to survey the magnitude and frequency of vibration in wind turbines and other applications. They all ensure safe and reliable operation in wind turbines around the world.

Safety Devices
In order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the wind turbine, we deliver a wide range of safety devices.

Fiber Optic Communication
We deliver the necessary equipment, e.g. fiber optic cables, converters, switches etc., for fiber optic communication, within the wind turbine as well as for wind park networks.

Specialized Accessories
We customize our products to fit individual client needs. Upon request, we deliver specialized accessories to fit your specific applications.



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