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Connecting wind turbines and wind parks to the Internet is a security risk. Our ER1000 (Ethernet router) makes it secure to connect wind turbines and wind parks to the Internet. Our SCADA system, Gateway combined with ER1000 (Ethernet router) and ES1000 (Ethernet switch) makes park monitoring safe, easy and secure.

ER1000 VPN protects your wind turbine and wind park from unauthorized access. ES1000 is especially designed for creating a communication network between the wind turbines in a wind park. The redundant concept and the option for battery backup, ensure reliable communication in the wind park despite ongoing service or installations.

Ethernet has become a standard for communication between devices in the industry today. Especially fiber optic Ethernet switches are used. More and more switches are used for both communication in the wind turbine, between wind turbines (park communication) and as connection point to the Internet. Mita-Teknik’s ES1000 and ER1000 switches are robust and highly optimized for the harsh environmental challenges of todays wind industry.

ES/ER1000 has 12 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet ports where 4 ports are fiber optic ports. Fiber optic ports are either with SC connector multi-mode or SFP module with LC connector. SFP modules are delivered as default for multi-mode cable, but can easily be exchanged to be used with single-mode cables. Multi-mode fiber optic cable length can be up to 2000 meters - while the single mode cable length can be up to 80 kilometers.

MiComm IP Box

From 2018, many operators will shut down the PSTN/ISDN networks, thus leaving many older turbines without the ability to be controlled/monitored remotely via analog/ISDN modems. Mita-Teknik offers a complete remote communication solution designed to replace obsolete PSTN/ISDN modems and enable modern, reliable and secure remote IP communication to existing wind turbines with existing SCADA systems.

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Communication Network Solution



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