Grid Connection

Our patented Grid Connection module WP4060 is developed for soft connection of asynchronous wind turbine generators to the grid. The WP4060 ensures effective current control before, during and after the synchronous point. The soft connection principle ensures a remarkable reduction in net disturbances and wind turbine wear and the controlled connection can be configured for both strong and weak net conditions.

The connection current is chosen as a parameter on the control unit and the thyristors can be connected during low production. The parameters for the opening of the thyristors are set on the control unit and the WP4060 measures whether the generator consumes or produces power. Furthermore, the module has a built-in phase detecting circuit which prevents connection if the phase sequence is incorrect.


  • Soft Connection of Generators to the Grid 
  • Ensures Effective Current Control before, during and after the Synchronous Point
  • Extends the Gearbox Life-time
  • Reduces Load on the Drive Train



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