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MiScout SCADA is an open, proven, reliable and cost effective solution designed to meet the rising demands in the wind industry, such as data-security and analysis, predictive maintenance, forecasting and overall cost optimization.

The solution is available in three packages; Cloud, Professional and Enterprise. This means that, whether you are operating a single small wind turbine or large scale wind park, you will find that MiScout SCADA got you covered when it comes to monitoring, controlling and servicing your assets.

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MiCMS Condition Monitoring Integration

MiScout SCADA acts as an integrated part of the wind turbine’s Condition Monitoring System, and assist the user oversee the health of the unit 24/7. This allows users to monitor production, availability, alarms, weather conditions and more, and react instantly to alarms and shifts in weather conditions – ensuring increased availability, reduced OPEX and ultimately, higher profits. 

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MiScout SCADA Structure

MiScout SCADA is a Microsoft Windows based system consisting of a server part and a set of client applications. The server part consists of an Office server and Data Collectors.

The MiScout Office server is the main module and core of the SCADA system. The Office server communicates with all turbines, perform all database activities related to storing and reads data as well as performs data calculations and provides data to all clients. Data is stored in the MiScout Database, that is based on a Microsoft SQL Server database, which stores information about the system configuration, turbine data, and make it available for further data analysis, reporting and overview.

The Data Collector is a server software installed on a PC, which has a permanent connection with all turbines in the park and requests data from the turbines with necessary frequency. The data collected by the Data Collector accumulates historical data, such as 10 min. Average Logs, Status Log, Trigger Log, etc., which are made available for MiScout Office.

Flexible Interfaces

MiScout SCADA is available for various platforms, and works across several OS systems. The SCADA system is capable of collecting, handling, analyzing and illustrating data from any number of wind parks and wind turbines with intuitive graphics and text on laptop, tablet and smartphone devices.

Customamized Data Presentation
MiScout SCADA enables users to design and customize data panels to fit their needs, and include the data presentation necessary to provide the most optimal operation overview.

Private Label
MiScout SCADA can be delivered as private label option, in order for users to customize the interface and incorporate own company logo.

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