Complete SCADA Solution

Built on experience and our successful predecessors, our 6th SCADA generation, MiScout 5, provides you with the analytical, predictive maintenance and forecasting tools to effectively optimize the performance of the wind farm. The user interaction is redesigned together with our closest partners to ensure a simple and intuitive web interface, providing all the right tools and functionalities needed.

The solution is available in two versions; Cloud and Enterprise each designed to meet the demands from different setups, utilities, service providers, OEMs and owners.

MiScout 5 Cloud

The Cloud version is a hosted solution suitable for users with small wind parks or companies that want to offer their customers insights without the investment in large system setups or expensive OEM SCADA systems. In a common web browser or via a device, the system offers an easy overview of key weather, turbine and financial data in combination with low running costs.

MiScout 5 Enterprise

The Enterprise version is a fully flexible, scalable stand-alone or hosted solution developed for medium and large-scale professionals that require the maximum level of data handling. It provides an extensive list of add-on services like data-synchronization, advanced in-depth data analysis, wind park optimization features, training and service agreements.

Key Benefits

  • Multi Brand Support - one system to support many different turbine types
  • Level 1 & 2 - perform everything from service to asset management in one system
  • System Plug-in Architecture - create different setups for users depending on their needs
  • Multi-user Access - distribute access to different users and groups according to the needs
  • User Profiles - user configurations are saved and available anywhere regardless of location
  • Data Analysis & Comparison - show, compare and analyze data from different turbine manufacturers
  • Reporting - generate and dispatch reports through various channels
  • Alarm Handling - receive and react on alarms in case of operation deviation
  • Task Automation - schedule system activities optimally
  • Forecasting - forecast your production earnings
  • Data Sync - ensure data integrity across the complete setup
  • Customizable - customize information, looks & feel
  • Third-party Integration - provide turbine data to and from other applications using open protocols


Complete SCADA and Communication Solutions


Full Support for Siemens Turbines

As per request from many of our customers the MiScout 5 now fully supports access to Siemens turbines equipped with the WTC-3 controller and the STiC box:      

  • Centralized fast and unfiltered access for up to 12,000 live-, historical- and fast log data
  • Access to all alarms and events on the turbine
  • Unlimited number of remote or local “hand terminals”
  • Remote start/stop of turbines
  • Remote reset of alarms
  • Remote change and view parameters
  • Easy identification of parameters that varies from default and last update


MiScout 5 Architecture

MiScout 5 is a modern Microsoft Windows or Linux based SCADA system, consisting of one or more servers and a set of clients to display data and interact with individual units as well as full parks.


The core of the system is the MiScout 5 server(s) that communicates with the units though standard or proprietary protocols. It reads and writes data, performs data calculations and provides data to the different clients. The data are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database, which apart from the unit data, stores information about the system configuration, users and other data necessary for operation. Online and high-speed data are stored in a highly effective Cassandra database that enables very fast logging and data retrieval.

After the data is calculated and stored, it is used for generating reports, turbine performance analysis, as well as for turbine troubleshooting and alarming.

Customized Data Presentation

As standard, MiScout 5 includes the necessary dashboards and tools to provide an easy overview for most users. It also comes with the option to design and customize data and views to fit your specific needs.


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