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MiScout Cloud enable users to connect to turbines and wind parks 24/7 and monitor production, availability, alarms, weather conditions and more. It allows users to instantly react to alarms and shifts in weather conditions – ensuring increased availability, decreased OPEX and ultimately, higher profits.

With the MiScout Cloud package you get:

  • 24/7 online access to units and parks
  • Access via laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Data overview (production, availability, alarms and more)
  • Historical data analysis
  • Report generation
  • Available in two versions: Performer & Advanced



Benefits of MiScout Cloud

The main advantage of this package is the possibility of creating an independent surveillance center with minimal investment.


  • Access turbine data 24/7 from everywhere (Internet access required)
  • Access live wind power production data for your entire portfolio or see the status of each wind turbine
  • Always updated
  • Production data


  • Interactive system – allows push alarm notification and remote Start/Stop/Reset of turbines
  • In-depth turbine state analysis
  • Allows creating own monitoring center with private label option

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