MiScout Enterprise


Specifically developed to answer the increasing demands of professional wind turbine owners, operators, service companies and OEMs that require the highest level of data handling and add-on services. Users will benefit from a complete SCADA surveillance package that provide advanced in-depth data analysis, and wind park optimization features.

With the MiScout Enterprise package you get:

  • Distributed deployment on customer side
  • Windows-based desktop application, Web access and MiScout Mobile App
  • Local PC installation from MiScout Web server
  • Full administrator rights (users, permissions, units, configuration)
  • Complete data security; back-up, server synchronization and presentation of latest data (Data Collector)
  • Online data monitoring
  • Historical data analysis (10 min, power curve, status, alarms)
  • No limitations to setup size

Benefits of MiScout Enterprise

The Enterprise package offers full scalability from single turbine up to GW sized portfolios, allowing users to add new turbines and parks to the system when necessary, without having to purchase expensive upgrades.

Regardless of data source, the Enterprise package presents data in a standardized form. This allows users to locate low performing turbines by comparing park turbine data across turbines, parks and manufacturers.

MiScout Enterprise optimize operation costs. Through a set of add-ons, users can reduce their OPEX by introducing predictive maintenance and park power management and increase revenue by providing production forecasts.

MiScout Enterprise is capable of collecting and analyzing data from multi-vendor wind turbines – effectively eliminating the need to invest in additional SCADA systems, further reducing the user’s CAPEX and OPEX.

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