Turbine Control

The control system is the central brain of the wind turbine. It has two primary functions; 1. to ensure safe and reliable automatic operation, and optimize output by regulation of yaw and pitch according to the weather conditions, and 2. to handle all communication interfaces, and make collected and stored operation data available for further analysis and optimization.

Our extensive product portfolio enables us to deliver solutions for all setups, ranging from small wind turbines to large on- and offshore wind turbines. All of our solutions are custom-made to fit the customer’s exact setup. 

Mita-Teknik's control system platforms:

WP100 Platform

wp3x00 platform

WP4100 Platform

Operation Monitoring

With the MiConnect Mobile Diagnostic App, monitoring and visualization of your wind turbine’s operation process is now possible via your smartphone and tablet. MiConnect makes service easy, and gives you the overview you need to ensure optimal operation and performance of your wind turbine.







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