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Case: Partnership
Cooperation with Fuhrländer Wind technology LLC and W2E

Wind Turbine Retrofit
Retrofit V44 and V47 - extending turbine lifetime

Turning data into insights and enabling smarter operation

Complete multi brand SCADA and asset management solution



Great Partnership is Essential

Mita-Teknik delivers innovative Turbine Control Solutions for Fuhrländer Wind technology LLC, ensuring higher profits and performance.

COVID-19: Consistency of Supply

In order to ensure the continuity of our controls supply worldwide, we are taking significant measures to strengthen the resilience of our teams and supply chain.

Senvion - Take Control of your Assets

Our Retrofit solution gives you complete control of the operation and maintenance of your Senvion turbines. We provide solutions for several models, including MD70, MD77, MM82, and MM92.





Condition Monitoring
Making predictive maintenance easier than ever before

Complete multi brand SCADA and asset management solution

Wind Turbine Retrofit
Renew, recharge and regain control of your investment
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