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Wind Turbine Retrofit
+40 WTG Retrofit designs available and tested

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Strategic cooperation with Vindenergi Danmark

Turning data into insights and enabling smarter operation



Electrical Pitch

The Mita Pitch System is designed to maximize availability and performance of your wind turbines, while applying minimum loads to the structure and comes with a design life of 30 years.

Self-Calibrating Yaw Control

Yaw misalignment is a common issue that affects the operation and AEP. Mita-Teknik has developed an algorithm that is able to detect and eliminate the static yaw misalignment automatically.

Vindenergi Danmark Cooperation

Vindenergi Danmark and Mita-Teknik have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on upgrading the IT infrastructure with the SCADA and Asset Management solution, MiScout.





Condition Monitoring
Making predictive maintenance easier than ever before

Wind Turbine Retrofit
Renew, recharge and regain control of your investment

Complete multi brand SCADA and asset management solution
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