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Complete multi brand SCADA and asset management solution

Case: Offshore
A pioneer solution for offshore wind

Turning data into insights and enabling smarter operation

Retrofit Results
Successful MM82 Retrofit verification report

Case: Partnership
Cooperation with Fuhrländer Wind technology LLC and W2E



Case: Pioneer Solution for Offshore Wind

When Saitec and RWE joined forces to develop an innovative floating solution for offshore wind turbines, new technology from Mita-Teknik was chosen to be part of the pilot project.

MiScout SCADA System

MiScout reaches 20% market share. With around 800 MW wind power controlled by MiScout, Mita-Teknik has reached an important milestone for the multi brand SCADA System.


Verification of Senvion MM82 Retrofit 

Does Retrofit really makes a difference? The final verification report of a Mita-Teknik Retrofit solution for a Senvion MM82 turbine, made it clear – successful results on all parameters!





Condition Monitoring
Making predictive maintenance easier than ever before

Complete multi brand SCADA and asset management solution

Wind Turbine Retrofit
Renew, recharge and regain control of your investment
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