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At Mita-Teknik, we are proud to now be a part of Emerson

Multi Brand SCADA and Asset Management solution

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Emerson acquires Mita-Teknik

Emerson announced it has acquired Mita-Teknik. At Mita-Teknik, we are proud to now be a part of Emerson, a company with global reach and a proven track record.

Self-Calibrating Yaw Control

Yaw misalignment is a common issue that affects the operation and AEP. Mita-Teknik has developed an algorithm that is able to detect and eliminate the static yaw misalignment automatically.

K2 Management Collaboration

K2 Management has collaborated with Emerson’s business Mita-Teknik to launch ‘P50 Booster’, a tool aimed at helping wind and solar project owners and operators enhance operations and maintenance strategies.





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