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Turning data into insights and enabling smarter operation

Pitch Control
Launching next-generation blade pitch technology

Applying advanced control integration knowhow and services

Complete multi brand SCADA and asset management solution



Launch of New Pitch System

Mita-Teknik launches next-generation blade pitch technology. The new Mita Pitch System has been designed to effectively minimize O&M costs, reduce downtime and improve productivity.

MiScout 5 SCADA

MiScout 5 is the 6th generation SCADA system supporting over 700 different turbine types. Using big data, it is capable of monitoring, reducing TCO and increase efficiency and earnings.

New Load and Control Toolbox

We are launching a new load and control toolbox that optimizes the design and load calculations for all sizes of turbines. By using this toolbox, the design process can be reduced by 90%.





Wind Turbine Retrofit
Renew, recharge and regain control of your investment

Complete multi brand SCADA and asset management solution

Condition Monitoring
Making predictive maintenance easier than ever before
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