China Windpower 2018

Are you joining the biggest and most important wind industry exhibition in China? We are! Come by booth W3B06, hall W3 at China Windpower 2018, 17-19 October, and let us show you how We Make Wind Competitive.

When you work with Mita-Teknik, you get a lifetime partner for your wind turbine. Our experience cover the entire wind turbine life cycle; from prototype to operation to aftermarket/retrofit/life extension.

This year in Beijing, we will be showcasing a breaking news to our Complete Control concept. Curious? Then come by our booth and we will reveal our latest product news!

Intelligent Wind Power Technology

At Mita-Teknik, we lead the drive for innovative solutions with our new generation of Control Systems that ensures higher profits, performance and Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for larger wind farms. The WP4200 New Generation Multicore Platform offers superior performance and is perfectly suited for use in all large on- and offshore megawatt wind turbines. The WP4200 Control System Platform benefits from the experience of more than 50,000 installed systems, and incorporates a number of enhanced features, making the WP4200 Platform our most powerful and advanced Control System to date.

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Predictive Maintenance

With the MiCMS Condition Monitoring System, you can perform predictive maintenance and avoid unplanned costs. The MiCMS solution helps you reduce the overall maintenance costs, while at the same time improve the reliability and availability of your turbine. Come by our booth and learn more about our MiCMS Condition Monitoring System.

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Retrofit - Life Extension

Experience the value of Retrofit! With our experience and proven solutions, you can safely and easily upgrade and regain maximum performance from your turbines. Retrofitting older turbines with new and field-proven control technology, including advanced new control algorithms and intelligent SCADA solutions, can effectively increase the turbine’s annual energy production, heighten the availability and provide modern remote access. In combination with renewed access to spare parts, the turbine’s lifetime can be extended with better profitability.

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Check out the video, and see how a Retrofit commissioning looks like in real-life.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Beijing!





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