Cooperation Agreement with ROMO Wind

The companies have signed a cooperation agreement regarding ROMO Wind’s iSpin Monitor product series.

Wind farm Optimization Company ROMO Wind, and Control Automation Company Mita-Teknik have announced that they have signed a cooperation agreement regarding ROMO Wind’s iSpin Monitor product series. 

CEO of ROMO Wind, Søren Mouritsen, says: “We are very pleased with the signing of this agreement with Mita-Teknik. We firmly believe that the highly tested and robust technology contribution and year-long experience of Mita-Teknik to the ROMO iSpin Monitor will secure a continued high performance of our product.

ROMO Wind         

Wind power plants are very different from other power plants, due to the fact that it is difficult to measure the energy in the wind and thereby the efficiency of the wind turbine. Today, it is impossible for the owner to directly investigate and monitor the turbine performance, and its ability to point correctly into the wind. Analysis performed by ROMO has shown that more than half of wind turbines show significant yaw misalignments, leading to average annual production losses of about 2%.

The iSpin Monitor product, which will be launched at EWEA in Barcelona March 2014, is the first highly cost-effective product enabling wind turbine owners to fix, and subsequently monitor that wind turbines will never have yaw misalignments again. This provides immediate extra value to the owners as well as reduced turbine maintenance costs. In addition, the iSpin Monitor enables the wind turbine owner to closely follow the individual turbine power curves in the future and interfere when performance problems occur or implement and document additional production improvements”

CEO of Mita-Teknik, Jesper Andersen adds: ”We are excited to partner with a young and innovative company as ROMO Wind, and to be part of the launch of the iSpin Monitor. And we are pleased to be able to provide our technological platform and many years of experience, as backing to ROMO in providing this exciting new product to the wind power market. ROMO Wind is all about developing new technologies to improve the overall efficiency of wind turbines. This makes the company an attractive partner to Mita-Teknik, as we can utilize the knowledge level in both companies to develop even better end-products that will make wind competitive. It is exactly that kind of valuable partnerships we appreciate in Mita-Teknik.”

About ROMO Wind
ROMO Wind (ROMO) is a Danish/Swiss product led technology and service company. ROMO’s business is to optimize the production and reduce the loads of wind turbines using the patented iSpin technology, also known as the “spinner anemometer”. The iSpin technology is an attractive, efficient and cost-effective solution for identifying, correcting and monitoring yaw misalignments and for monitoring the power curve of the wind turbine. ROMO is backed by investors such as ABB and Yellow&Blue (Vattenfall). The iSpin technology has successfully been tested by both small and large wind farm owners such as EDPR in Spain and Vattenfall in Denmark.

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