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From 2018, the German telecom operators will shut down the old PSTN/ISDN networks - leaving behind many older turbines, without the ability of being remote-controlled/monitored via analog/ISDN modems. Fortunately, Mita-Teknik has a solution ready.

  In this Insight Interview, Sales Director, Thomas Liratsch talks about the new MiComm IP Box, which was developed specifically for the German market.


Q: Mita-Teknik has launched the MiComm IP Box, a cost-effective IP communication solution. Can you elaborate on the background of this decision? 

The background has clearly been the cancellation of the analog and DSL telephone lines in Germany by the Telekom. The process of replacing the old connections is expected to be completed in 2018, and work has already begun with many customers choosing the MiComm IP Box.

The MiComm IP Box was developed not only in close cooperation with our German customers, but the MiComm project itself was originally launched at the initiative of our customers.

Q: What makes the MiComm IP Box stand out from other solutions on the market?

I think essentially three reasons speak for the MiComm IP Box: the modular design, the robustness of the technology used, and the easy installation.

The goal of the development of the MiComm IP Box is to offer a cost-effective solution for a large number of turbine types. We have therefore developed the MiComm IP Box modularly and our customers can decide for themselves whether they want 3G/4G, LTE or even a satellite connection. For the large number of the plants where a DSL interface is sufficient, we offer a package with the very cost-competitive MiComm Basic, which ultimately reduces the costs for our customers.

The MiComm IP Box is also very easy to install with the drop-in technology developed by Mita and can be upgraded at any time. Customers, for whom the MiComm Basic is sufficient today, can switch to 3G/4G or LTE at any time. This is possible with Plug’n’Play technology, ensuring that our customers get more flexibility and future security with the MiComm solution.

Like all Mita-Teknik products, the MiComm IP Box is subject to our strict quality requirements. All products, which leave our production, are tested extensively for the harsh use in wind power plants. Mita-Teknik not only uses our own heat, cold and RF test chambers to ensure that the products guarantee a long service life, but we have also developed our own test and quality processes over the decades.

Mita-Teknik has been providing solutions for the wind industry since the early 1980s with a clear focus on wind turbine control. This product know-how has been successively expanded and today our customers not only use Mita’s know-how in the area of control and retrofitting but also in communication with or between plants. Today, this ranges from individual communication solutions such as the MiComm IP Box to cloud-based, enterprise-wide SCADA solutions.

Finally, the multi-user capability (up to five simultaneous accesses to the wind turbine) of the MiComm IP Box and the high IT security standard are certainly also worth highlighting.

Q: What happens if you lose communication with your wind power plants - think of the worst-case scenario?

I think this would be an absolute disaster for any operator or owner, as well as for utilities and independent service providers. Of course, you want to keep control of your investment.

Not only the remote monitoring and control of the systems would be completely eliminated, but also the condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, remote maintenance and diagnostics or taking advantage of incentives would not be possible any more. In the end, this would increase service costs and make operation more complex and expensive.

The MiComm IP Box, or a functioning communication to the wind turbine, is ultimately an “enabler” for new technologies and services in the service sector.

Q: For whom is the MiComm IP Box relevant and where can you buy it?

The MiComm IP Box is not only interesting to our German customers, for whom a change to IP is necessary after the discontinuation of the analog telephone connection. Our international customers also use the MiComm IP Box and are by doing so, investing in a future-proof communication solution. The MiComm IP Box plays an important role in the retrofit sector.

It is irrelevant whether it concerns the owner of a single plant, a citizens wind park, an independent service provider, or even a large power supply. It is important to keep control of the equipment. It is irrelevant whether we speak of one or hundreds of units.

The MiComm IP Box can be ordered directly from Mita-Teknik in Denmark or through our German and international sales partners:

  • Abo Wind
  • Connected Wind Services
  • Deutsche Windtechnik X Service
  • GFW
  • ICR Services (North America & South Africa)


Q: What other products are relevant to the MiComm IP Box?

Apart from the actual hardware, the software also plays an important role in a holistic communications solution. With its MiScout SCADA family, Mita-Teknik offers a whole range of different solutions, from cloud-based access via the web browser, smartphone or tablet to company-wide professional and enterprise applications.

In the end, additional services may be sought at Mita-Teknik, e.g. installation of the equipment, retrofit, training and possibly also the implementation of remote monitoring available from our own Surveillance Center.

The control of the entire wind farm and not just individual systems also play an important role. For this, we offer Park Control solutions.

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