Launching new Load and Control Toolbox for Wind Turbine Design

Mita-Teknik is launching a new load and control toolbox that optimizes the design and load calculations for all sizes of wind turbines. By using this toolbox, the design process can be reduced by 90%.

Mita-Teknik has launched a new load and control toolbox, MiLaCtool. The new toolbox is the only independent load calculation system on the market, which allows customers to easily perform advanced simulations. It optimizes all working operations during the design iterations of the wind turbine, giving a complete overview of dependencies and impacts of all loads in the wind turbine. 

− During the past years, there has been a significant focus on Levelized Cost of Energy. With the launch of MiLaCtool, combined with our advanced control algorithms, we make our partners able to optimize the design process even further, resulting in substantial cost savings, says Thomas Andersen, CTO at Mita-Teknik.  

From Two Weeks to Less Than a Day
With the launch, engineers are now able to design and evaluate the results from the load calculations faster than before. MiLaCtool optimizes the design process and reduce the duration from two weeks to be done within one day. The system offers a complete load and dependency view that ensures the turbine manufactures a robust and optimized turbine design.

− By using the MiLaCtool, engineers can focus on the essentials, namely the relevant work of understanding the results, deducing what is going on, and making decisions on the next steps, explains Ole Binderup, Team Lead – Control Systems at Mita-Teknik.

− In addition, we have identified that several of our customers are facing challenges in verifying the turbine performance. One of the strengths of MiLaCtool is full visibility of the real turbine performance compared to simulations, says Ole Binderup.
Customized Solutions
The Load and Control team of Mita-Teknik is specialized in wind turbine optimization, and delivers a wide range of advanced control features – tailored for specific needs and markets.

Mita-Teknik holds several patents on its advanced control algorithms. Combining these with MiLaCtool results in a most advanced control solution, ensuring optimal performance and load optimization on both onshore and offshore wind turbines.

− Our aim is to make wind more competitive, and we are continuously working on bringing smart and self-optimizing turbine control to the market, says Thomas Andersen.

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