MiCMS Surveillance Centre

Mita-Teknik’s CMS experts ensure professional monitoring, analysis and counselling services. Now, we have expanded our CMS Surveillance team with another Mobius ISO Vibration Analyst certification.

Early fault detection and diagnostics ensures optimum planning of maintenance schedules. This enables our customers to cost-effectively plan maintenance ahead and avoid unplanned shutdowns. We are monitoring wind turbines worldwide from our MiCMS Surveillance Centre, and are daily supporting our customers on CMS-related issues, thus avoiding severe run-to-failure situations of the turbines.

Our MiCMS Surveillance Centre offers 24/7 surveillance of wind turbines and parks. Our CMS experts ensure professional surveillance, analysis and reporting on the condition of your wind turbines. We are offering support in managing your wind turbine assets during the full life-cycle of the wind farm. This includes:

  • Initial engineering
  • On-site commissioning of the MiCMS system (HW/SW)
  • 24/7 surveillance of the drive train vibrations in the wind turbines
  • Handling alarms and warnings
  • Reporting on the state of the wind turbines



Mita-Teknik’s CMS experts ensure professional monitoring, analysis and counselling services. Our CMS Surveillance team are certified according to the Mobius ISO 18436-2 Vibration Analyst certification, ensuring you the most experienced CMS experts and advisors capable of making special investigations and reporting.

Service Level Packages

You can select between three different service level packages. This provides you fast, efficient and reliable CMS monitoring fitting your specific needs.

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