Mita-Teknik SCADA System reaches 20 Percent Market Share

As analytical, predictive maintenance and forecasting tools are becoming essential in today’s wind farm operation, Mita-Teknik is gearing up to embrace the digital challenges of the coming years.

In 2018, the Danish automation and green tech company Mita-Teknik launched their new Miscout 5 SCADA solution. Since then, the system has been extended and fine-tuned, and today, the multi brand SCADA solution is monitoring and increasing the efficiency of thousands of turbines worldwide.

One of the markets where MiScout especially has shown its potential is on the Japanese market. Today, MiScout is controlling approximately 20 percent of the Japanese wind turbines. With around 800 MW wind power controlled by the MiScout SCADA solution, Mita-Teknik has reached an important milestone for their own-developed SCADA and Asset Management System.

The success on the Japanese market is supported by their long-term cooperation partner, HOKUTAKU CO., LTD. “One of the major advantages of MiScout is the flexibility. The system can be fitted in order to match any user and setup perfectly.” Says Saik Park, Section Chief at HOKUTAKU CO., LTD.

The MiScout SCADA system is supporting over 750 different turbine types, and provides analytical, predictive maintenance and forecasting tools to effectively optimize the performance of wind farms. MiScout, which is a fully web-based solution on both Linux- and Windows-platforms, is extremely user-friendly, faster and more efficient than previous versions and far more sophisticated than competing systems. MiScout is also available on mobile devices.



Digitalization is strategically crucial for the sector as a whole, as a digitalized industry is more likely to deliver lower costs, optimized production, greater flexibility, and increased energy efficiency. Jens B. Jensen, Vice President Digital Solutions at Mita-Teknik says: “MiScout is especially developed to answer the increasing demands from professional companies that require the highest level of data handling and add-on services. The MiScout solution allows access to centralized, fast and unfiltered live-, historical- and fast log data.”


Further Reach

In order to keep the MiScout SCADA system on top of market, Mita-Teknik is continuously adding features and functionalities to the system. One of the latest milestones is the new Chinese interface, and more releases are to come during the coming year. 

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