New Big Data System for Wind Turbines Supports over 250 Models

MiScout 5 from Mita-Teknik is the 6th generation SCADA surveillance system supporting over 250 different wind turbine types. Using big data, it is capable of monitoring, reducing TCO and increase the wind turbines’ efficiency and earnings.

When Mita-Teknik, the Danish high-tech supplier for the wind industry, joins the WindEnergy exhibition in Hamburg from September 25th to 28th it presents their new 6th generation multi brand surveillance system, MiScout 5. The new SCADA system is more user-friendly, faster and more efficient than previous versions and far more sophisticated than competing systems. The MiScout 5 is developed by the company’s software specialists in Ukraine and Denmark and revolutionizes the market. It can be utilized for over 250 wind turbine models, monitor all available data in order to reduce maintenance cost on the turbines, optimize operations and increase profit for wind turbine owners. For owners of Siemens 2.3 and 3.6 MW turbines there are special advantages, due to the system’s capability of providing complete access to more than 10,000 variables compared to the average of 30-40 in other systems and the ability to provide unlimited web-based remote terminals etc.

Thorough Preparation
Thorough work lies ahead of the system development from which you can monitor, start and stop the turbine and control parameters from a user-friendly point-of-view:

- In this version, we have focused on bringing increased value to our customers. During the process we have interviewed a large group of both minor and major players to learn about their past experiences with our and other systems. We have also asked what would bring them added value and what their future requirements would be for interfaces, functions, dashboards and so on, explains Kristian Kjærholm, VP Business Development & Product Management in Mita-Teknik A/S.

50 Percent Faster
The interviews were an eye-opener. Mita-Teknik discovered, among others, that the users experienced hard to use interfaces and long response times with many other systems. The usability and speed has therefore been highly prioritized. MiScout 5, which is a fully web-based solution on both Linux- and Windows-platforms, is approximately 50 percent faster than its predecessor and the interface has been designed to minimize the number of clicks needed to complete a task.

- We estimate that our new approach will save the turbine owners and service companies a great amount of time and costs. It is very expensive to dispatch service teams to an offshore wind turbine, so if you are able to skip one or more trips by having full access to the data it will achieve significant savings, Kristian Kjærholm says.

- It might happen that a technician on a service visit has set the parameters wrongly or forgot to reset them to standard after e.g. testing. This is now fully visible and can be remotely adjusted. However, there are also great opportunities for optimizing the output. 28 out of 30 turbines in a park might run perfectly, but the last two are not performing as they should, you can with the new system easily check whether the two are adjusted like the others or not, he adds.

MiScout 5 is also available on mobile devices, so you can monitor your wind turbines from a smartphone. It even has incorporated a push-alarm, which will notify about status, stops and unhealthy situations for the turbines.


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