New CEO Klaus Knudsen delivers Strategic Vision

Mita-Teknik’s new CEO Klaus Knudsen has announced his new strategic vision for the company. This year, Mita-Teknik celebrates its 50th anniversary. With Knudsen in the top job, the company is gearing up to embrace the challenges of the coming decade.

Strategically, the company will focus on three main areas as engine of its growth. First, Mita-Teknik will continue to push its partnership approach, a core value that has determined the company’s success for half a century. It will strive to secure seamless team integration with a view to ensuring smooth project flows and making partnerships as efficient as they can be. This approach goes both for established customers and partners within the wind segment, but also for the company’s new industry segment, which can use Mita-Teknik as an outsourcing partner for control panel production, as well as benefit from their know-how within control, SCADA and monitoring.  

Second, the company aims to strengthen its position as a one-stop-shop, capable of delivering solutions across the whole wind turbine lifecycle. Mita-Teknik already has one of the broadest product portfolios in the market. It is one of the very few companies that can deliver a complete concept, which in turn helps secure efficient system integration. Going forward, Knudsen believes that effective integration will be one of the cornerstones of Mita-Teknik’s success:

“There is a lot of pressure to keep costs down throughout the value chain. At Mita-Teknik, we have a very strong LCoE focus and one of our main tools to lower costs is Integration between our own different solutions as well as externally towards other systems. As we see it, partnership and integration are effective ways to reach a competitive edge in a highly competitive market,” he says.

Over the last few years, the company has put a great deal of focus on improving its internal setup to prepare its future growth, breaking down silos and developing a more holistic and lean-based thinking across the business. “Our transformation has been quiet spectacular; we have managed to create a very customer-focused, flat and agile organization, with improved responsiveness, and responsibilities distributed across the entire organization,” comments Knudsen. 

The third and very important driver of growth for Mita-Teknik is digitalization. Knudsen points out that this is strategically crucial for the sector as a whole, as a digitalized wind industry will be more likely to deliver lower costs, optimized production, greater flexibility, and increased energy efficiency.

“Boosting digitization is going to be central to reaching our goals. We see two main work tracks here. The first one is data and how we use it more intelligently to automate solutions and gain more efficient production. The second track will focus on sustainability in the consumer segment. We believe that in the future the energy industry will be a lot more consumer driven and based on Smart Energy Management. Soon enough, private consumers will have the power to choose their preferred energy sources themselves. The technology behind that evolution will be based on IoT and cloud solutions,” he explains.

Mita-Teknik and Innovation: 125,000 hours of R&D each year
Mita-Teknik’s unique value proposition comes from its ability to combine one of the market’s most powerful hardware control platforms with deep know-how and intelligent software solutions.

The company can rely on a strong and competitive product platform, which is the direct result of thousands of product development and engineering hours. Each year, it dedicates an impressive 125,000 hours on average in R&D. It has some of the most skilled software engineers in the industry working on market-leading applications, load and control optimization, advanced control strategies, big data, SCADA systems, apps, as well as multi-source intelligent control solutions, capable of handling solar, wind and energy storage management.

“At Mita-Teknik, we take innovation very seriously. One of our key R&D objectives is to deliver extra value to utilities and asset owners in the rapidly evolving digitalization process. That’s why we are heavily focusing on our digitalized solutions. This is how we will remain at the forefront of the industry and provide future-oriented and competitive solutions to the market,” says Knudsen.

Making Wind Count
Mita-Teknik is a company with a strong purpose. “This year, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. This is an important milestone and something we are very proud of. We have managed to stay true to our values of quality and proactivity through five decades. As a company, our mission is to make wind competitive. Going forward, we want to think even bigger. We want to make wind count. Wind power is playing an increasingly important role in meeting the world’s ever-growing energy needs, and we believe that total control of wind turbines in all weather conditions is essential if the industry is to deliver on its global ambitions. Mita-Teknik’s mission is to provide the know-how and technology needed to secure the optimal utilization of wind and help the industry live up to its full potential,” concluded Knudsen.

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