New MiScout SCADA 5.1 Release

MiScout 5 from Mita-Teknik is the 6th generation SCADA surveillance system supporting over 700 different wind turbine types. Using big data, it is capable of monitoring, reducing TCO and increase the wind turbines’ efficiency and earnings.

The MiScout 5 SCADA system is more user-friendly, faster and more efficient than previous versions and far more sophisticated than competing systems. The MiScout 5 can be utilized for over 700 wind turbine models, monitor all available data in order to reduce maintenance cost on the turbines, optimize operations and increase profit for wind turbine owners.

MiScout 5 includes the necessary dashboards and tools to provide an easy overview for all types of users. With the latest release, MiScout 5 enables design and customization of data and views to fit your specific needs. It offers easy GUI layout configuration features and enables the users to make personal dashboard. It opens the opportunities for fast and easy configuration of layout, adapted to each end customers’ requirements. The interfaces can be configured to different user groups needs e.g. Management, Service, Engineers etc.  





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