Release of MiScout SCADA App

We are proud to announce the release of our new MiScout SCADA App. With the MiScout SCADA App, you can easily connect to your turbines via the MiScout Web server and get real-time operation data.

The first version of our new MiScout SCADA App is now released and ready for download from Apple Store and Google Play.

Wherever you are with MiScout SCADA App you can:

  • Monitor operational turbine and park data
  • Receive alarm notifications even if your app is not active
  • Acknowledge alarms directly from smartphone
  • Start/Stop turbines
  • Easily navigate between units in different parks

The MiScout SCADA App allows you to communicate with a wide range of turbines supported by Mita-Teknik SCADA: including the WP2000 and WP3x00 platforms and also the WP4x00 platforms and Vestas controllers.

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