Saitec Case: A Pioneer Solution for Offshore Wind

The impressive progress in today’s technology - and specifically renewable energy development in recent years, have led to a promising future for floating wind energy.

When Saitec and RWE joined forces to develop an innovative and competitive floating solution for offshore wind turbines, new technology from Mita-Teknik was chosen to be part of the pilot project.

The Unique Offshore Solution

The project will test the very first floating wind foundation connected to the Spanish grid using SATH technology. To achieve maturity, by analyzing, collecting data and gain real-life knowledge for the commercial launching, the first step is a full-scale prototype deployment of a 2 MW wind turbine in the open-sea test site in the Basque Country.

The turbine will be commissioned on the unique offshore floating foundation, where the floater can align itself around a single point of mooring according to the wind and wave direction. A project of this caliber requires total control and quality to the smallest details.

Saitec Offshore’s COO Luis González-Pinto states: “The potentiality of SATH to reduce the cost of floating wind is immense. Now is time to build and operate this floating wind turbine and widen this exciting market”.


A Combination of Experience and Innovation

With the Mita-Teknik solutions incorporated, Saitec ensures full control and state-of-the-art technology from an experienced supplier. The innovative project requires a team of competent and experienced people with extensive know-how.

Even if this project contains new technology for Mita-Teknik, coming with more than 50 years of experience in automation and control, and with more than 60,000 control system installed worldwide, the company undoubtedly brings a certain level of know-how to the project.

Karl Bendtsen, VP Wind Solutions at Mita-Teknik adds: “This is not only another new and very exciting Retrofit project for Mita-Teknik, this also shows that our industry continues to reach new levels, and Mita-Teknik is ready to bring the innovative technology needed to push further”.


About the Platform Concept

  • SATH is a unique platform concept for floating offshore wind
  • Totally innovative approach
  • Dramatic cost reduction
  • Proven hydrodynamics performance
  • Single Point Mooring
  • Simplified connection system (Plug & Play)


Retrofitting the turbine with new and field-proven control technology, including intelligent SCADA solutions - with full access to all data, enabling remote access, improved surveillance, and servicing of the turbines. This can effectively increase the turbine’s annual energy production, heighten the availability, and provide modern remote access. Giving this project the very best condition to perform in. 

Scope of Supply from Mita-Teknik:

  • Retrofit kit of the controller
  • Handling of all additional sensors related to the foundation (overall 250 new I/O)
  • Load calculations, advanced control of the turbine
  • MiScout SCADA solution


Claus Vilsen, Leading Technical Project Manager at Mita-Teknik says; “By using the WP4200 Controller, Saitec will have reliable and high-resolution data from all sensors on the platform. And as we will use our redundant technology, we will also ensure a secure and stable connection. Furthermore, with our well-proven Retrofit solution, the turbine will be controlled with the newest and modern algorithms”.

This pilot project is expected to go into operation in Q3 2022, and once connected to the grid, DemoSATH is expected to supply electricity to almost 2,000 households.

More information about the project can be found at the Saitec website:


Download the case



About Saitec

Founded in 1988, Saitec is one of the most prestigious engineering firms in Spain at present. It carries out its activities from a professional and independent standpoint, with a strong commitment to innovation, sustainable development and respect for the environment.

“We are ready to shape the future of energy, to ensure a sustainable future harnessing the power of wind.”

Saitec Offshore’s mission is to fight climate change offering a competitive and efficient solution for offshore wind energy generation.


About RWE

With 120 years of successful history behind, RWE has undergone fundamental change and is now a leading supplier of renewables worldwide. With wind farms, solar power and battery storage facilities in many countries. Even today, most of RWE’s core business is green electricity.



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