Self-Calibrating Yaw Control

Yaw misalignment is a common issue that many wind turbine owners are often facing. It affects the operation and has a negative impact on the AEP. Mita-Teknik has developed an intelligent Self-Calibrating Yaw Control algorithm that is able to detect and eliminate the static yaw misalignment automatically.

Most wind turbines have some degree of yaw misalignment, which results in the wind turbine being subject to sub-optimal power production. In order for a wind turbine to extract optimal power from the wind, the nacelle must be aligned with the wind direction. Our Self-Calibrating Yaw Control algorithm is used to detect and eliminate the static yaw misalignment of the wind turbine. By using the control algorithm, it is possible to increase the annual energy production.

If the static yaw misalignment is for example 7°, the expected average annual energy production increase using the Self-Calibrating Yaw Control algorithm is 1.2 to 1.5%.

The Self-Calibrating Yaw Control algorithm is part of our Wind Turbine Retrofit solutions and on upgrades of existing Mita-Teknik WP4x00 and WP100 controllers.

No additional sensors are required to get the benefit of the Self-Calibrating Yaw Control algorithm. The output is a yaw correction that eliminates the static yaw misalignment within only a few weeks. With no yaw misalignment, we ensure your asserts are running optimally and increasing the annual energy production.

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