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The Mita-Teknik Retrofit solution gives you complete control of the operation and maintenance of your Senvion turbines. We provide Retrofit solutions for several Senvion models, including MD70, MD77, MM82, and MM92.

With a Mita-Teknik Retrofit solution you get complete control of the operation, maintenance and surveillance of your Senvion wind turbines - including the MD70, MD77, MM82, and MM92.

Retrofitting Senvion turbines with our field-proven control technology, including new advanced control algorithms and intelligent multi brand SCADA solutions, can effectively increase the availability, lower LCoE, and provide modern remote access. In combination with renewed access to spare parts, the turbine’s lifetime will be extended significantly.

Mita-Teknik’s extensive experience and knowhow cover many of the Senvion turbines ready for retrofit today, and as we have developed full scope control solutions for these in the past - we can easily provide you with a Retrofit solution that will secure the performance of your turbines, and increase your earnings. Our Retrofit solutions are 100% own development and guarantee a solution that do not violate any intellectual property rights. 


With a Retrofit solution from Mita-Teknik, you will be completely independent. You will have access to all data from the turbine as well as full remote control possibilities. You will be able to make changes to the software and hardware that were previously not possible.

Full Scope Senvion Retrofit Solution

We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for retrofitting Senvion turbines. With our experience and proven solutions, you can safely and easily upgrade and regain maximum performance from your turbines.

The WP4200 MK II controller offers a safe and effective way of upgrading the Senvion control platform to modern standards. The Retrofit kit features plug-and-play installation with a minimum of downtime, optimized O&M, remote control, and full data access. The Retrofit solution is designed for life extension and quick return on investment with low initial investment, low operational costs and maximum performance.

Multi Brand SCADA

MiScout is our comprehensive SCADA surveillance system supporting over 750 different wind turbine types. MiScout is a modern Microsoft Windows or Linux based SCADA system, consisting of one or more servers and a set of clients to display data and interact with individual units as well as full parks. MiScout includes the necessary dashboards and tools to provide an easy overview. It also comes with the option to design and customize data and views to fit your specific needs.

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