Quality is, and has always been a key factor in Mita-Teknik and Think Quality is one of our core values. As a proof of this dedication to quality, our Quality Management System is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Our Quality Policy is to continuously optimize the experience of our customers. We aim to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers by building our solutions on know-how and experience and work with a high level of integrity. We will actively pursue ever improving quality through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.

Quality Goals

In order to live by our Quality Policy, we have set ourselves three objectives that correspond to each of the three elements in the Quality Policy.

Optimize Experience – on a regular basis we survey our customers in order to understand their most important needs and requirements better, and measure how well we are performing in meeting those needs. These surveys form an important basis for internal improvement action plans and Suggestions for Improvement from our customers.

We meet Customer Expectations & Requirements – we also measure our own Security of Supply in order to ensure that 98% of our orders are delivered on time in the right quantity and quality. And that is with one of the market’s shortest lead times.

We work with Integrity – working with a high level of integrity on a global scale is of the highest importance to us. This also means continuously improving and listening to all the feedback we get – from customers and employees alike.

Engineering Quality

With our high-level technological, automated testing system, we ensure the quality of our hardware and software. We expose our hardware to HW verification, EMC, Vibration, Climate and HALT Test Standards. Our software is tested in three steps; functional test, integration test and system test:

  • Functional Test - Our developers test all software on functionality, compatibility and performance
  • Integration Test - When the functional test is passed, the software is considered a release candidate and ready for the integration test, which ensures that all parts (HW/SW) are functional when integrated 
  • System Test - The system test is carried out, whenever we consider it necessary to test and verify that the product is functional in a system perspective


The wind industry is under constant development to provide more competitive and reliable energy. APQP4Wind is a non-profit association founded by world-leading wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers due to a common wish to simplify and strengthen the entire quality planning and product release process within the wind industry. Continuous quality improvement is needed to keep pace with the ongoing trend towards decreases in the Levelized Cost of Energy within the wind industry.

In 2017, Mita-Teknik started the implementation of APQP4Wind in our Product Development and Supply Chain functions, enabling us to work in accordance with the APQP4Wind Quality Guidelines. At Mita-Teknik, we are enthusiastic about our APQP4Wind Company Membership as the APQP4Wind framework supports our continuous focus on product quality.




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