Big Data

Big Data

Big data is not new to the industry. However, the question is how to handle the huge amount of data into useful insight. At Mita-Teknik, we want to use big data to generate bigger outcome for the wind turbine owners. Big data in the wind industry introduces an opportunity to boost performance through advanced technology.

We are applying data-driven insights and knowhow through our digital Control solutions, delivering a full overview of your enterprise with data and transparency. We have collected, analyzed and utilized data since the wind industry accelerated in the early 1980’s to improve every aspect of the business, including development, operation and service.

Mita-Teknik uses Smart Data throughout our value chain, from product design and testing, manufacturing to maintenance and aftermarket services – all enabling our customers to lower their Cost of Energy, increase annual production and improve their bottom line.

Mita-Tekniks data-driven approach to maximize turbine efficiency and availability enable wind parks to use big data to their advantage. Our solutions are specially designed for big data approach and high cyber security. Through condition-based monitoring, multi brand SCADA solutions, and smart data management, we bring added value to the digital wind parks. We are able to provide real-time view capability for fast responsiveness and provide insight for optimized performance.

We are providing intelligent big date technologies that work together across systems, turbines and wind parks, providing the next generation products driven by data insight.

With our MiCMS Condition Monitoring solution, we are able to predict and prevent unscheduled downtime. Through condition-based maintenance, more efficient resource deployment and improved fleet management, we are bringing added value to the digital wind parks.   By unlocking big data insights, we create real value for our customers. Our complete multi brand asset management solution for monitoring, control and service enables smart data analysis and comparison. With our MiScout 5 SCADA solution you are able to show, compare and analyze data from different turbine manufactures.
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