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With more than 50,000 control systems in operation worldwide and more than 35 years of experience developing control solutions for the wind industry, we are prepared to take on any challenge.

Whether you are in small wind or dealing with large on- or offshore MW turbines we have the knowhow, experience and product portfolio necessary to help you achieve the optimal in operation, production and revenue.


Our Control Platforms represent the absolute latest in control innovation and push the boundaries in terms of power, intelligence and flexibility.

The WP100 Control System Platform is designed to meet the control demands of small and medium sized wind turbines, which also makes it the obvious choice for most Retrofit projects. The WP4200 Platform carries on the tradition of the WP4100, and is designed to control large MW turbines, on- and offshore.

In addition to our controllers we design, develop and manufacture everything your setup needs in terms of hardware, software and customer services. With divisions in Denmark, China and Ukraine, our organization have the global reach needed to deliver first class control solutions - on location and on time.



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WP4200 Control System Platform

WP100 Control System Platform

WP3x00 Control System Platform


The WP4200 Control System Platform is our most powerful and advanced control system to date. The WP4200 Platform offers superior performance and is perfectly suited for use in all large on- and offshore megawatt wind turbines.

The WP100 Control System Platform is designed especially for control of small and medium sized wind turbines, making it the optimal control solution choice if you are looking to retrofit older wind turbines.

The WP3x00 MK II controllers are specifically designed to replace existing WP3x00 controllers in the market, and to give our customers the benefits of state-of-art communication interfaces and protocols. The controllers ensure optimal operation and advanced data collection.



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