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The MiScout App enable you to connect to your wind turbine or wind park and monitor production, availability, alarms, weather conditions and more via a smartphone. It allows you to instantly react to alarms and shifts in weather conditions – ensuring you increased availability and ultimately, higher profits.

MiScout App is a free addition to MiScout Web - our Cloud solution for our SCADA system - and the app can be downloaded to your Android or iOS smartphone. It provides the information you need to stay on top of your operation 24/7, with instant alarm notification and view of selected vital production data, e.g. detailed map views, production logs and intuitive user-interface with easy to read graphs for quick overview on park and unit level.

MiScout will effectively help you cost-optimize your service maintenance expenses, as you or your service technician will always have access to the relevant data and be notified with alarms in time to avoid potentially expensive and time consuming breakdowns. In other words - MiScout App keeps you one step ahead.

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