We provide superior control, surveillance and monitoring to any turbine setup. The Control platforms benefits from the experience of +60,000 installed systems worldwide.



We develop and produce control automation to all types of industries, including control panels production. We cover a long range of intelligent control and surveillance solutions.






Complete Control Solution

Since 1969 our ambition has been to create the market’s best and most flexible solutions, and we have worked hard for the past 50 years to fulfill this ambition. Today our comprehensive experience and product portfolio enables us to make any solution come to life, no matter the scale and complexity.

We cover everything in terms of hardware and software and combined with our extensive Customer Partnering Services you are guaranteed the best solutions in the business.

Your Solution
We can first create the solution when we understand the challenge - that is a fact. Getting to know you, and being able to share insights means that we get a deeper understanding of your specific situation, and in the end create the best solution for you. Everything we do and every product and service in our portfolio is designed with the primary objective to optimize your production, improve your bottom line and make you more competitive.

Your Choice
The flexibility of our open-platform products, and their ability to blend seamlessly into any existing setup gives you the opportunity to “mix & match”, and create your own individual solution. Or you can choose to go with a complete solution where we deliver everything you need - The choice is yours.





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