Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Mita Industrial Automation provides complete solutions for the automation industry. For more than 5 decades, we have built a deep understanding of our customers, their industries and business flows. No matter which industry we are working with, we know that our technology makes a real difference to our customers.

Our product range includes PLC Systems, I/O Systems, HMI and several network and communication devices. Mita Industrial Automation deliver everything needed for machine and system automation for various industries within energy, marine, district heating, manufacturing, farming & agriculture.

Besides our best-in-class hardware solutions, we offer our powerful software suite to program and configure our products. PEPTOOL is the central hub for streamlined software application engineering. The perfect mix between our hardware and PEPTOOL brings exceptional increases in performance and quality, ensuring our customers a substantial competitive edge.

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Our PLC's are the ideal solution for managing small, medium, and high-end applications. The WP100 and WP4200 PLC's are designed for high reliability and availability, harsh environment operation, condition monitoring, control, and security solutions.

Our WP-Line I/O System offers a wide range of different modules providing a high design flexibility. The I/O Systems provide numerous basic I/O modules with different channels, signal voltage and fieldbus connections.

The WP4052 and WP4053 Panel Displays offer several features and functionalities for tailor-made operability. Our Panel Displays are the perfect visualization devices for controlling and monitoring your machine or system.


Our portfolio of network and communication modules provides communication solutions for both control and field levels. This ensures full openness and connection to other systems and platforms, and thereby secures the machine and system for future developments.

Our PEPTOOL is a powerful software suite for machine builders and system integrators. PEPTOOL is intuitive to use and enables SW engineers to develop applications in a structured and streamlined way. You can automatically generate source code in different languages for the control systems.









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