Communication Network

Communication Network

Connecting wind turbines and parks to the Internet is a security risk. Today’s wind parks require safe, field-proven and reliable communication. Mita-Teknik has worked with wind turbine communication systems for more than 3 decades and has an extensive program for communication inside as well as outside the wind park. The Mita-Teknik Communication Network solution includes:

  • Redundant Managed Ethernet Switches
  • Secure Managed Ethernet Routers
  • Wireless solutions

Our Communication Network solution is developed specifically for the wind industry and secures reliable operation, high security and extensive data collection. Our solution is based on the ES1000 Gigabit Ethernet Switch and ER1000 Gigabit Ethernet Router. The ES1000 switch and ER1000 router are robust and highly optimized for the harsh environmental challenges of today’s wind industry.

The ER1000 router VPN protects your wind turbine and park from unauthorized access. While the ES1000 switch is especially designed for creating a communication network between the turbines in a wind park. The Communication Network solution gives you the benefit of connecting turbines in a wind park, and making them online accessible from anywhere in the world.


Connection Stability

The ER1000 router and ES1000 switch setup ensures optimal operation, great security and extensive data collection.

The setup supports several redundant connections to the Internet, which are activated if the main Internet connection is
lost. This ensures a more reliable connection to the wind park. The ER1000 can detect Internet connection loss and will in such an event fallback to a modem to restore connection to the Internet.

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Communication Network Solution



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