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MiComm IP Box

We offer a complete remote communication solution designed to replace obsolete PSTN/ISDN modems and enable modern, reliable and secure remote IP communication to existing wind turbines with existing SCADA systems.

Many operators will shut down the PSTN/ISDN networks, thus leaving many older turbines without the ability to be controlled/monitored remotely via analog/ISDN modems.

We introduce a cost effective and easy-to-install solution to replace the obsolete communication equipment in any turbine, and reconnect it with existing SCADA solutions running Windows 32 or 64bit. The remote connection is established using modern DSL connections, or by using the 2G/3G/4G modem option that connects the turbine via mobile networks.

The solution does not only replace the existing modem, it also adds new advanced features for selected protocols.


By using state-of-the-art protocol switching, technology concurrent access to the turbines is now available, enabling the end-user to download e.g. production earnings data while the OEM or ISP is performing remote service tasks on the same turbine.

System Overview

The MiComm IP Box consist of a box with a wireless communication option, a connection kit for the specific turbine type and special software on a remote PC. 

Inside the turbine/substation:
The box attaches easily to the side of existing power panels with high power magnets. If the mobile option is selected, an antenna is attached to the outside of the tower. In addition to power supply and protection equipment, the box includes the advanced ER1000 router that runs the special developed software that enables IP and serial connections. Depending on turbine type, the box comes with different connection kits that fits the specific turbine.

Remotely, a PC with appropriate SCADA runs the special driver software designed to emulate modem/serial behavior instead of the real modem. When the PC dials a “number”, the software establishes a connection to the box and afterwards relay all data between the PC/SCADA system and the wind turbine.


   Fully upgrades existing PSTN/ISDN modem solution in the turbine/network to modern technology.
   Enables remote serial and IP communication to turbines over DSL or wireless 2G/3G/4G.
   Built-in support for popular turbine protocols like: Generic Serial attached turbine, Generic Modem attached Turbine, MNet (WP3x00, IC1x00 IC500), DCE3 (TACl/TACll) and RCS (Vestas VMP3500, VMP4400 & VMP5000.x).
   Multi user access with up to five concurrent remote clients on same serial link.
   Fully supported by Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32/64- bit operating systems.
   Fully supported in popular SCADA systems like e.g. MiScout, Gateway, WPMS, Vestas VOB etc.
   Designed for wind turbines and up to 20 years of operation plus spare parts availability.
   Easy to install - attaches easily with magnets or with screws to existing panels/brackets.




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Vice President Wind Solutions

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