Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Production downtime, due to unexpected faults and unplanned maintenance, has a significant negative impact to the overall profitability of operating a wind turbine. With wind turbines often being placed in remote locations, and exposed to highly variable and harsh weather condition, it is crucial to be able to monitor and detect faulty equipment in time to plan service and maintenance most optimally.

Vibration analysis is the cornerstone of the Condition Monitoring System.

MiCMS consists of the remotely operated WP4200 controller and our SCADA system, MiScout. With 8-16 external accelerometers strategically placed on the drivetrain, our Condition Monitoring System monitors the tower and drivetrain components, such as the gearbox, generator and main bearings.

One of the advantages of using vibration monitoring is that you are able to exactly pinpoint the defected component within e.g. the gearbox. The Condition Monitoring System provides visual indication of the wind turbine’s current condition through MiScout SCADA.

The Benefits of CMS

By applying an updated predictive maintenance strategy, using state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms, you are able to minimize unplanned outages and maximize the energy output and revenue generation. The MiCMS Condition Monitoring System effectively reduce equipment run-to-failure situations and allows you to perform predictive maintenance - effectively optimizing the overall performance of the wind turbine.

CMS Setups

The Condition Monitoring System comes in various hardware configurations, and supports different solutions for installation; either as integrated, standalone or portable, making MiCMS extremely versatile and flexible.

Certified Solution

The Condition Monitoring System is certified according to the DNV-SE-0439:2021-09 Certification of Condition Monitoring. The certificate includes both the standalone and the integrated solution.

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