Hybrid Control

Hybrid Control

Today’s energy plants grow increasingly larger as more energy sources are being added and the demand for flexible controlled power in the grid increases. In order to control these complex plants and ensure that they are balanced and able to comply with the grid codes all over the world, Mita-Teknik offers an open, reliable, flexible and intelligent Hybrid Control solution that gives the power to take control over your assets.

Our Hybrid Control solution is designed to manage all types of power plant regardless of energy sources. We provide one system to control all of your energy sources such as wind parks, hydro plants, solar parks, battery storage and capacitors.

Controlling multiple energy sources is a complex task and sets high standards for the Control technology. Our Hybrid Control solution consists of our field-proven hardware, developed for harsh on- and offshore environments, as well as multiple software packages optimized specifically to your location. We are also offering additional services like engineering, installation and training of the complete Hybrid Control solution.

Key Benefits

   Open and Flexible: Supporting open configurable standards for control and supervision.
   High Durability: Robust hardware, specifically designed for operating in harsh environments.
   Scalable Solution: Control of 1 to 2,500 power generation units in 0 to 50 clusters.
   SCADA Integration: Control and monitoring of all local, regional and global units from the same office.
   Redundancy: Based on proven Control technology.


Built-in Grid Code Support

Often, grid codes vary from country to country, making it difficult to comply with all codes in one solution. Our Hybrid Control solution accommodates this by offering off-the-shelf grid codes support like European and Chinese etc. This makes it easy for you to enter new markets without having to think about compliance with local grid codes.

Multiple TSO Interfaces

Communication with the Transmission System Operator (TSO), e.g. the utility company, is often different from country to country and from TSO to TSO. We offer a variety of configurable interfaces for exchanging data with the Transmission System Operator, e.g.:

   Analog inputs/outputs
   Digital inputs/outputs
   Modbus TCP
   IEC 61400-25 (MMS) 
   IEC 60870-5-104


The Future of Energy

The global energy landscape is changing at a pace we have never seen before. As the world’s energy sector moves away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources, it becomes even more crucial making power-generating assets more efficient and reliable. 

We accelerate the technological development of Power-to-X solutions by increasing the flexibility of park power management regardless of which energy sources we are dealing with. This gives our customers the ability to adapt to a growing amount of energy from various renewable sources such as wind, hydro, and solar power.

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