Park Control

Park Control

Today’s wind turbines and wind parks grow increasingly larger as the demand for flexible controlled power in the grid increases. In order to control these wind parks and ensure that they are balanced and able to comply with the grid codes all over the world, we offer an open, reliable, flexible and intelligent Wind Park Control solution that gives our customers the edge when selling their turbines for wind parks.

The share of wind energy has experienced a significant growth in recent years all over the world. Therefore, the integration of wind power into the power systems has become an important issue to consider, and brings forward new requirements for wind park control systems.

Our Park Control solution consists of our field-proven hardware, developed for harsh on- and offshore environments, as well as multiple software packages optimized specifically to your location.

All units are interconnected by an Ethernet network running the reliable M-Link protocol.

Key Benefits

   Long Lifespan: No moving parts ensures high reliability.
   Open and Flexible: Supporting open configurable standards for control and supervision.
   Designed for the Wind Industry: Robust hardware, specifically designed for operating in harsh environments.
   Highly Scalable Solution: Control of 1 to 2500 wind turbines in 0 to 50 clusters.
   SCADA Integration: Control and monitoring of all local, regional and global wind parks from the same office.
   Grid Code Compliance: Offers off-the-shelf grid codes support.


How it Works

The wind parks is controlled by a Park Controller that dispatches the active and reactive power set points, as ordered by a Transmission System Operator (TSO) either directly to the Wind Turbine unit, or via a Cluster Controller that can be introduced in large wind parks or when there is more than one point of common coupling to the grid.

At the point of common coupling, a Grid Station can be installed to accurately measure the grid characteristics and send them back to the Park/Cluster Controller for further control. As part of the concept, a Weather Station may supply the Park Controller with meteorological data. By doing so, you can, for example, produce a wind farm power curve or take special functions like humidity, ice and ambient light detectors into account (upon request). All functions can be setup, monitored and data extracted either directly on the unit or via complete remote control.  


Complete Solution or Tailor-made

We have compiled a Park Control solution that will fit most grid codes and needs concerning e.g.:

   Park Controller
   Cluster Controller
   Grid Station
   Weather Station
   Fully tested software for controlling the individual wind park components
   Installation and commissioning services
   Integration services
   Training services

However, should you require solutions for special purposes we are always prepared to compile a tailor-made solution that fits your specific needs.


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