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Precise, safe and reliable performance is essential to ensure a profitable wind turbine operation. With more than 60,000 Control Systems and more than 3,000 Pitch Systems in operation worldwide, we are your proven technology partner. We introduce an optimized Pitch System generation based on knowhow and best practice from previous Pitch System generations. The Pitch System is designed to effectively minimize O&M costs, reduce downtime and improve productivity.

The Pitch System is a turnkey solution that fits any 3-bladed wind turbine model up to 10 MW. The Pitch System provides a high degree of availability and reliability, while ensuring safe operation of the wind turbine. The highly robust system has been extensively tested, and it comes with a design life of 30 years.




 Proven Pitch Control

With the Pitch System you get a cost competitive and well-proven system with 30 years design life. The Pitch System is developed, tested and manufactured according to APQP4Wind.


Proven Pitch Control

The Pitch System is the result of thousands of engineering hours and an extensive quality test procedure. Every single component is selected and tested specifically for the Pitch System.


Excellent Engineering

The Pitch System is designed for the harsh environment in the rotating wind turbine hub. The system performs effortlessly in wide temperature ranges from -30°C to +60°C, continuous vibrations and forces.



Key Benefits:

   Proven Pitch Control - cost competitive, well-proven and certified system.
   30 Years Design Life - highly robust system.
   Rugged Design - IP65 units with seawater resistant housings.
   Durability - designed for extreme climate variations and high altitude.
   Excellent Engineering - top-shelf components only and thorough test procedures.
   Open System - open for development and integration of own software in the Hub Controller. 
   Open Solution - turnkey or kit-set solutions. 
   High Availability - high reliability, fast commissioning, self-test on-the-fly and simple maintenance procedures.
   Performance Optimization - including Pitch Performance Optimization services.
   Extended Warranty - 5 years warranty starting from the day of commissioning. 
   Full Support - remote and onsite support by qualified Mita-Teknik engineers.
   Certification -  ISO 13849-1, IEC 61400-1, IEC 61400-3, IEC 61400-22, GL 2010, GL 2012 and DNVGL-SE-0441.
   Compliance - GB/T 25386 and NB/T 31018.


Robust Design

Pitch System customers benefit from a modularized system based on various standardized sizes of Hub Units, Blade Units, brushless PM Servo Motors, Asynchronous Servo Motors and Energy Storages based on either ultracapacitors or long life VRLA batteries.

The Pitch System is designed to prevent expensive downtime and costly maintenance. Only a small number of wear parts are used, which is crucial to attaining the long design life of the system, reducing failures at component level, and lowering the overall maintenance costs. This way, the Pitch System guarantees you the highest value of investment.

The Pitch System is based on an innovative design with integrated drives. Without the traditional “cabinet in cabinet” approach, we are able to maximize the system reliability, avoiding high ambient temperatures inside the cabinet.

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