MiScout Enterprise

Especially developed to answer the increasing demands from professional wind turbine owners, operators, service companies and OEMs that require the highest level of data handling and add-on services.

Users will benefit from a complete SCADA surveillance package that provides advanced in-depth data analysis, and wind park optimization features.


  • Fully scalable Big Data solution
  • Multi brand connectivity
  • Multiple packages
  • Unlimited MW
  • Unlimited users
  • SLA options
  • Training options
  • Hosting options
  • Financing options
  • Private label

Key Features

  • Multi Brand Support - full access to many different turbine types.
  • Level 1 & 2 SCADA - perform everything like engineering, service and asset management in one system.
  • Efficient Modern Interfaces - the user-friendly interfaces are designed to help solve everyday tasks in the most efficient way.  
  • Full Data Access on All Levels - access and work with data like production, weather data, parameters and high-resolution logs.
  • Fully Remote Control - start/stop/reset and control, e.g. parameters of the WTG locally and remote.  
  • Task Automation - run tasks like analysis, reporting and data collection in a fully automated environment.  
  • Prediction and Forecasting - predict errors and forecast production using statistical methods and weather data.   





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Jens Betzer Jensen
Vice President Digital Solutions

Phone: +45 2845 2823
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