SWP Turbine Interfaces

Mita-Teknik offers the first real alternative for connecting, servicing and retrieving data from 2.3 and 3.6 MW wind turbines equipped with WTC3 controllers.

Be Independent

“The data presented from the turbine assets should be the ownership of the end-users, but the access to the data is currently restricted and not entirely trusted”. Is this your perception? Then a solution is now present to ensure that you will be independent and have much better access to key operational data as well as service tools for a majority of the SWP turbines delivered.

Mita-Teknik launches the newest version of multi brand SCADA solution - MiScout 5. The new release features many improvements, including full support of SWP turbines equipped with the WTC3 controller and STiC box. With the MiScout 5 direct- and unfiltered data will be available and you are able to work with these data directly in the system or interact with others systems, like ERP, Historians, Service optimization and Azure portals, via the large list of standard or customized interfaces such as Web-Services, OPC DA, OPC XML/DA, Modbus etc.

Remote Hand Terminal Enabled

Apart from full data access, MiScout 5 also offers a complete and unrestricted virtualized version of the well-known “Hand Terminal”, used by larger companies to service and maintain their wind parks. The virtual hand terminal offers the same functionality as the physical connected one, but can now be fully operated both locally and remotely to e.g. stop/start, change parameters and other advanced functions. With the remote possibilities onsite travel, downtime and personnel can be greatly reduced.

Key Features

  • Unfiltered access to all live-, historical- and fast log data.
  • Access to all alarms and events on the turbine.
  • Unlimited number of remote hand terminals onsite or remote, bringing options like stop/start of turbines, remote reset of alarms and setting of parameters.
  • View parameters that varies from default.

System Requirements

  • Local or cloud based stand-alone or virtualized server(s).
  • Access to server via Windows Client (RDP), web browser or via Android and Apple devices.
  • Access to user name and password for the STiC.
  • Installation on the same sub-net as the controllers in order to use write functionalities. The remote hand terminal has no such restrictions.
  • Health and safety procedures must be in place and enforced prior using the remote virtual hand terminal.




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