Turbine Control

Turbine Control

Total control of wind turbines in all weather conditions is vital in supplying reliable and high quality renewable energy.

Our Turbine Control solution benefit from the experience and success of more than 60,000 installed systems and +35 years within the wind business. Our knowledge base is built from handling more than 365 different prototype projects with wind turbines up to 8 MW, on- and offshore. Our extensive product portfolio enables us to deliver complete state-of-the-art Turbine Control systems for all setups.

In 1984, we delivered the first wind turbine control system. Since then, we have combined our well-known technology and knowhow with outstanding robustness and dedicated user-friendliness, making our control platforms the most powerful and advanced solutions on the market.

Our Turbine Control solution is highly modulized, ensuring our customers maximum flexibility. Our modular plug-and-play solution supports a scalable and open control setup in order to minimize complexity and ensure easy maintenance. Our extensive product portfolio enables us to deliver solutions for all setups, ranging from small wind turbines to large on- and offshore wind turbines, securing maximum performance, high availability and optimal energy production.

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WP4200 Control System Platform

The WP4200 Control System Platform is our most powerful and advanced control system to date. The WP4200 Platform offers superior performance and is perfectly suited for use in all large on- and offshore megawatt wind turbines.

WP100 Control System Platform

The WP100 Control System Platform is designed especially for control of small and medium sized wind turbines, making it the optimal control solution choice if you are looking to retrofit older wind turbines.

WP3x00 MK ll Control System Platform

The WP3x00 MK II controllers are specifically designed to replace existing WP3x00 controllers in the market, and to give our customers the benefits of state-of-art communication interfaces and protocols. The controllers ensure optimal operation and advanced data collection.



Key benefits:

   Proven Track Record: +60,000 installed systems and +35 years within the wind business.
   Designed for Wind: robust hardware, specifically designed for operating in harsh environments.
   Modular Plug-and-Play Solution: highly modulized plug-and-play solution ensuring maximum flexibility. 
   Powerful Redundant Concept: HW/SW redundancy ensuring the highest operation reliability and availability.
   Event-based Operation: fast data sampling and precise control.
   Unique Control Strategies: advanced Control algorithms reducing loads and/or improving energy production.
   Self-configuration: easy installation with automatic module detection and self-configuration.
   Self-diagnostic: self-diagnosing in each module for optimal operation and error reporting.
   Data Logging: advanced event based data logging and storage.
   Multiple Programming and Simulations: CoDeSys, Matlab, C/C++, GH Bladed and Simpack.
   Maintenance Free: designed to be maintenance free for the whole wind turbine lifetime.


Software Architecture

Our Control platforms use the advanced OS42xx Operating System software, featuring Failsafe Flash file system, TCP/IP protocol stack, WEB-server, plug-and-play identification/configuration of all WP-Line modules, status code system, 30-year summation structure, menu system and log systems.

The controllers handle the executing of up to 10 different synchronous/asynchronous applications running in parallel. As an example this could be: turbine control application, grid quality monitor and condition monitoring applications, standard communication protocols, customer specific communication protocols, CoDeSys RTS etc.


Powerful Control for Wind

The wind market demand is to reduce costs on all parts of the turbine while enhancing quality and performance. Our customers achieve both with the our intelligent Turbine Control platforms. Our solutions offer superior performance and is developed specifically to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in the wind industry on- and offshore. Our systems are developed for unmanned operation and contains no moving parts.

Our own EMC laboratory enables us to test all components during development and all series productions. Our Turbine Control hardware is tested twice the EMC standard. We have tested our modules against this standard through more than 25 years, ensuring the highest level of robustness and reliability throughout the product lifetime.

A wind turbine has an expected lifetime of 20 to 30 years. Our Turbine Control platforms are designed to be maintenance free for the whole wind turbine lifetime.


Operation Monitoring

With the MiConnect Mobile Diagnostic App, monitoring and visualization of your wind turbine’s operation process is possible via your smartphone and tablet. MiConnect makes service easy, and gives you the overview you need to ensure optimal operation and performance of your wind turbine.


PEPTOOL Development Tool

While our solutions are often delivered as turnkey packages, future modifications or expansions of your wind turbine or wind park, might require changes or enhancements in the application software. To this end we provide our unique and open development environment, the PEPTOOL software suite. With PEPTOOL you assume complete control of your wind turbine and wind park and gain the power to rapidly change the application source code controlling the behavior of the control system.





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