Turbine Control

Turbine Control


WP4200 Controller

   Faster CPU - very high performance
   Fast floating point calculations
   Gigabit Ethernet communication on Park level


WP100 Controller

   CPU module for small and medium sized wind turbines
   Safe operation in harsh environments
   Direct integration with safety system


WP3x00 MK ll Controller

   Higher processing power (compared to MK l)
Fast plug-and-play installation 
Lower commissioning costs

WP-Line 111  

WP-Line 111 Power Supply/Backbone

   High-efficiency power supply for the WP4x00 Control Concept
   Optical redundant Ethernet backbone
   2 RJ45 Ethernet plugs for display and service

WP-Line 151  

WP-Line 151 Grid Measurement

   Realtime DSP grid measurement module
   Surveillance of 3 currents and 3 voltages
   Calculation of all grid data

WP-Line 351  

WP-Line 351 Combi I/O

   Cost optimized I/O Combi module
   16 digital outputs/26 digital inputs/4 high-speed counter inputs
   2 serial COM-ports

WP-Line 4xx  

WP-Line 4xx

   Cost optimized I/O Combi module
   Customized Configuration
   Integrated Condition Monitoring

WP-Line 511  

WP-Line 511 CANopen Interface

   Stand-alone Ethernet to CANopen Master Interface
   Up to 1Mbit/s CANopen
   2 x RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 for display and service


WP4052 Touch Display

   Touch screen graphic display for the WP4x00 Control Concept
   15” TFT with 1024 x 768 resolution, 16 bit colors 
   Maximum user comfort via the HMI principle


WP4053 Touch Display

   Touch Screen Graphic Display for the Mita-Teknik Control System
   7” TFT with 800 x 480 resolution, 16 bit colors
   Maximum user comfort via the HMI principle




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