PEPTOOL Development Tool

PEPTOOL Development Tool

While our solutions are often delivered as turnkey packages, future modifications or expansions of your wind turbine or wind park, might require changes or enhancements in the application software. To this end we provide our unique and open development environment, the PEPTOOL software suite.

With PEPTOOL you assume complete control of your wind turbine and wind park and gain the power to rapidly change the application source code controlling the behavior of the control system. This lets you respond quickly to changes and new requirements and lets you continuously expand your facility extending the potential and life-time of your investment.



PEPTOOL allows your engineers and technicians customize the software controlling the behavior of the applications - in an intuitive environment built around the standard Microsoft Windows platform. In addition, PEPTOOL allows you to create new additional applications for the controller including generation of detailed documentation.

PEPTOOL supports the programming languages ANSI C/C++ and Structured Text and compiles ready to use applications for the Mita-Teknik controllers and DLL’s for the Emulator and simulation tools. PEPTOOL supports the generation of application manuals in pdf-format and is based on the advanced document preparation system LaTeX.

PEPTOOL enables you to design your own test module where you can perform tests without affecting the development process. With PEPTOOL, testing becomes more efficient and adds value to your overall investment.

PEPTOOL enables you to translate all control applications into many different languages – including Chinese, Korean and Japanese – enabling the user of the touch display to work in his or her native language.





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