Turbine Control

WP3x00 MK ll Control System Platform

The WP3x00 MK II controller is specifically designed to replace existing WP3x00 controllers in the market, and to give our customers the benefits of state-of-art communication interfaces and protocols. The WP3x00 MK ll controller ensures optimal operation, active security and advanced data collection.

The WP3x00 MK ll Control System Platform builds on Mita-Teknik’s extensive control experience and incorporates a number of enhanced features, such as:

  • Fast plug-and-play installation
  • Lower commissioning costs
  • More processing power to increase AEP (compared to MK l)
  • Grid measurement according to IEC61400-21
  • Fast communication via Ethernet
  • Supports MiConnect Mobile Diagnostic App

The on-board grid interface makes it possible to calculate main grid parameters by precise and reliable DSP algorithms, according to the IEC 61400-21 standard. The controller is equipped with two high-speed gigabit Ethernet interfaces working as separate network interfaces. The controller also features safety chain relay logic.

The controller uses the advanced OS1xx Operating System software, featuring the Failsafe Flash file system, TCP/IP protocol stack, WEB-server, plug-and-play identification/configuration of all WP-Line modules, status code system, 30-year summation structure, menu system and log systems.





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