Turbine Control

WP4200 Control System Platform

The WP4200 Control System Platform offers superior performance and is perfectly suited for use in all large on- and offshore megawatt wind turbines. The WP4200 Control System Platform benefits from the experience of more than 60,000 installed systems, and incorporates a number of enhanced features, making the WP4200 Control System Platform our most powerful and advanced control system to date. It allows us to incorporate new wind turbine optimization technologies, such as advanced control algorithms, providing optimal power production and substantially reduced loads on the wind turbine.

The WP4200 Control System Platform is delivered as a turnkey solution, featuring a wide selection of standard and customized operating programs created to suit your particular needs and ensure optimal and effective operation.

The WP4200 Platform controllers are based on multi-core CPU technology. It offers superior performance and with its built-in floating point unit it is perfectly suited for high demanding control- and regulation applications. Furthermore, the controllers are equipped with high-speed gigabit Ethernet interface, for communication in the wind farm. Additionally there is one more Ethernet interface backbone communication to the distributed I/O modules. It also features safety chain relay logic that integrates with the Safety System to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 13849-1 standard. In standalone mode, the WP4200 controller can provide power supply for up to 3 WP-Line modules connected to WP-Line bus. 

Powerful Control


The controllers of the WP4200 platform are equipped with internal maintenance-free power back-up, ensuring all data is stored in the event of system power failure and program update.

The USB 3.0 port can be used with USB devices complying with the USB Mass Storage Class Specification, like USB Flash drives and hard disc drives, allowing storage of up to 2 TB of data.

The controller uses the advanced OS42xx Operating System software, featuring the Failsafe Flash file system, TCP/IP protocol stack, WEB-server, plug-and-play identification/configuration of all WP-Line modules, status code system, 30-year summation structure, menu system and log systems.

The OS42xx Operating System API is 100% backwards compatible with the OS4000 and OS4100 operating systems in case of invariant system layout. This ensures that existing applications can be used with the WP4200 Platform controllers without any modification or recompilation.

The module handles the executing of up to 10 different synchronous/asynchronous applications running in parallel.

The controller supports the IEC 61131-3 (CODESYS) PLC programming languages as well as advanced programming in C and C++, using PEPTOOL or other programming tool of your choice.

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