Wind Turbine Optimization

The Value of Optimizing

The Mita-Teknik Load & Control team is specialized in wind turbine optimization, and delivers a wide range of advanced control features – tailored for specific needs and markets. We constantly strive to improve the competitiveness of our customers’ products, and by applying advanced control integration knowhow and services, we are able to reduce loads and/or improve energy production and hereby reduce the Cost of Energy (CoE).

We provide extended value through quality engineering solutions focusing on high efficiency, world-class product innovation and strong strategic implementation.

The Right Knowhow

Our customers benefit from one of the market’s most powerful hardware Control platforms, combined with deep knowhow and intelligent software solutions. We have some of the most skilled Load & Control engineers in the industry working on market-leading optimization features and advanced control strategies.

Our services include:

  • Load calculation and optimization.
  • Control algorithm design and optimization.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Cost of Energy analysis.
  • Wind turbine concept studies.
  • Wind turbine Cost of Energy optimization.


The skills and experience of our dedicated engineers enable us to provide a wide selection of wind turbine load and control competencies, covering Control, Loads and Optimization.

We have applied these competencies on projects ranging from small kW wind turbines to large MW setups, and reduced costs, optimized production and increased profits for developers and owners.

Integrating advanced control algorithms during turbine design or upgrades reduce loads and/or improve the energy production of the complete wind turbine system for an overall reduction in Cost of Energy.



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