Wind Turbine Retrofit

Turbine Retrofit

Retrofitting older turbines with new and field-proven control technology, including advanced new control algorithms and intelligent SCADA solutions, can effectively increase the turbine’s annual energy production, heighten the availability and provide modern remote access. In combination with renewed access to spare parts, the turbine’s lifetime can be extended with better profitability.

All turbines ranging from kW to the MW class can benefit from being upgraded with new technologies. No matter if it is stall, active stall, pitch, 2 or 3 bladed turbines. Mita-Teknik’s extensive experience and knowhow cover many of the turbines ready for retrofit today, and as we have developed solutions for these in the past - we can easily provide you with a retrofit solution that will increase the performance of your turbine, and increase your earnings.

The size of investment depends on the state of the turbine. Our focus is always to reuse as much of the existing equipment as possible, so that the investment is kept at a level where cost, functionality and return on investment is balanced and positive. When retrofitting older turbines, it is of critical importance that the new systems are fully compatible and compliant with the environment in the wind turbine. Mita-Teknik only use technology that has been proven through use in thousands of wind turbines, to ensure that it runs smoothly and error free for many years to come.







MiComm IP Box

Mita-Teknik offers a complete remote communication solution designed to replace obsolete PSTN/ISDN modems and enable modern, reliable and secure remote IP communication to existing turbines with existing SCADA systems.

Retrofit - Vestas V47 Platform

Introducing the WP3500 controller Retrofit that offers a safe and effective way of upgrading the Vestas V47-660 kW control platform to modern standards. It features Plug-and-Play installation with minimal downtime.

Retrofit - MD Platform

Developed in cooperation with leading service providers, and using the latest state-of-the-art software and hardware innovations, the system is designed for life extension and quick return on investment with low initial investment.



Scope of Supply

Our Retrofit solution is ideal for most wind turbines. The scope of supply depends on the type of turbine and your specific needs. Typically, we provide the following equipment and services for a Retrofit project, and we are of course always prepared to discuss additional options, if your project can benefit from it.

  • Engineering
  • Main Control System
  • Turbine Application Software
  • Grid Connection System
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Accessories
  • Park Control
  • Certification
  • Support and Service
  • Training


Dedicated Products

Retrofitting your turbines with new and field-proven control technology running advanced control algorithms, and combining it with intelligent SCADA solutions - you can effectively increase your turbines AEP and improve availability and accessibility.


Reference List

We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for retrofitting older wind turbines. Check out our ready to deploy list, showing you which turbine models Mita-Teknik has already developed Retrofit solutions for.

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