Wind Turbine Retrofit V47

Retrofit - Vestas V47 Platform

Introducing the WP3500 controller retrofit that offers a safe and effective way of upgrading the Vestas V47-660 kW control platform to modern standards. The kit features Plug-and-Play installation with minimal downtime, optimized O&M, full remote control, full data access and options to increase the annual output using advanced control and Vestas PowerPlus™ technology.

Developed in cooperation with Vestas, and using the latest state-of-the-art software and hardware innovations, the system is designed for life extension and quick return on investment with low initial investment, low operational costs and maximum performance.

Modern Technology

The retrofit utilizes the high performance WP3500 controller platform, which is also used for new multi MW turbines. This enables existing V47-660 kW turbines to benefit from the latest hardware and software innovations. The retrofit adds advanced aerodynamic control algorithms in order to ensure higher availability and a more smooth and effective control. Park control, remote control, service and access to data is also up-to-date with Internet enabled access via 3G/4G and DSL connections. 


Key Benefits

   Increased AEP: Uprate to 710 kW and increase stop wind to 28 m/s using Vestas PowerPlusTM technology.
   Lifetime Extension: Easy to upgrade, access to spare parts, reduced O&M, and increased AEP.
   Improved O&M Efficiency: Remote and local service with intuitive service tools and preventive maintenance functions. 
   Higher Availability: Preventive maintenance functions and extended operational temperature range etc.
   Easy Installation: VMP3500 plug compatible and only 1 day of expected turbine downtime for installation.
   Full Data Access: Full access to all operational data using modern communication standards and formats.
   Remote Control: Turbines can be remotely parameterized, operated and power controlled.


Easy Installation

To minimize risk and reduce installation time, the V47-660 kW retrofit is designed to be plug compatible with the original Cotas VMP3500 controller system. The system comes with a step-by-step installation manual that ensures minimal downtime for the asset. By improving spare parts availability and integrating advanced controls that ensures a smoother turbine operation, which reduces loads and therefore positively impacts the turbines mechanical components, the lifetime of the asset can be greatly extended.

Designed for minimum 20 years of operation, improved access to spare parts and options to increase availability, power output and guarantee up to 5 years for parts, the certainty of your business case is ensured for many years to come.

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