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Customer Partnering

The best solutions are created when we join forces and design and customize a solution that fits your individual needs perfectly. With a wide range of different services we provide professional support for our customers as a part of our Customer Partnering Concept.

Customer Support 


We provide our customers with professional and competent Customer Support. With product experts ready to assist you, you are guaranteed fast and professional support in all types of issues related to our products and system solutions. We offer complete support for technical issues and technical support. This applies to hardware, software and SCADA. Regardless of which product the issue concerns, our Customer Support department immediately take actions to assist you.

Customer Support can be reached by telephone or e-mail. Immediately after customer approach, you will receive a confirmation. Each issue is analyzed and estimated individually. If the issue is estimated as a critical event, this will get our highest priority. Even if the issue regards communication with a 3. party, we ensure that your wind turbine is running again as fast as possible.

The efficiency of our Customer Support is founded in the expertise and knowhow; our dedicated product experts are ready to assist you step-by-step to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Contact Customer Support:
Tel: +45 8665 8600

Repair & Maintenance


Fast and competent service is crucial for optimal operation and reliability, in order for our customers and partners to get the maximum output of their investment. When our customers choose us as control automation provider, they relay 100% on our capability to apply fast and professional after-sales-support. To ensure this, we offer our customers to replace a damaged product with a refurbished module.

The refurbishment service is an important parameter ensuring efficient service to our customers. The Refurbishment Concept guarantees rapid response with a replacement product, were our customers can expect a “like-new” product experience.



We offer open platform control systems, and we can provide our customers with access to the application source code. This grants you complete control over the system, and will let you customize its functionality to fit into any product mix, regardless if your setup is produced by Mita-Teknik/Emerson or another manufacturer.

The source code is a compilation of software objects, where each object represents a particular function in the application:

   Operate Object
   Pitch Control Object
   Torque Control Object
   Yaw Control Object
   Power Curve Object
   Wind Rose Object

These objects can be changed, either partially or completely, compiled and linked into an application and then uploaded to the controller. The WP4200 and WP100 product lines offer compatibility with a long range of industry standard simulation- and development tools, including:

   CoDeSys® (IEC61131-3)

Applications for the controllers can be built from scratch or adapted from already existing IEC61131-3 compliant PLC’s, enabling the control system to fit into any current or future wind turbine setup.



We offer a range of extensive training courses specifically designed to ensure you get optimal performance from your wind turbine and the best return on your investment.

Our experienced instructors will take your employees through useful tools, best practice cases and frequently asked questions, all aimed at making you great at control. This is done in order to ensure you get the most out of your wind turbine and the best return on your  investment. We provide tailor-made courses in:

   Control System
   Electrical Pitch System
   Condition Monitoring System (CMS)
   Wind Park Control Solution
   Power Panel System
   Commissioning Training
   SCADA System
   Application Development with PEPTOOL

We provide both in-depth training as well as broad introductions to general wind turbine control; regardless of your needs, we are capable of delivering exactly what you require. We can go into the specific technical details and show you how to work and operate our advanced control systems, or we can take a field trip and visit a real, live wind turbine for a first-hand experience. It’s all up to you.

Our training facilities are located in Rødkærsbro, Denmark, where we can teach classes of up to 8 people. Our skilled instructors can also host the training event at a location of your choosing. Regardless of what you choose, our training sessions will directly benefit your setup and organization.

VIP Portal


We believe that building true customer knowledge is key to ensure optimal performance and earnings from our solutions, and that is why we created the VIP Portal. The VIP Portal provide customers 24/7 access to a platform where all relevant documentation to their projects and cooperation is available. We also invite customers to visit our product documentation section where you can go deeper into our portfolio and explore our extensive product catalogue. Here you will find data sheets, manuals, quick guides, certificates etc. for all of our products and modules. Furthermore, you can see your dedicated team and read the latest product news.

Security is a top priority, and consequently, the VIP Portal has a two-factor login process. When a user log in with his/her e-mail, they receive a confirmation code via e-mail, which is used to log in. We only grant VIP access to current customers and business partners. Please note that verification and set-up of the account/user may take one or two days.  



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Jesper Kurt Nielsen
Business Development Director

Phone: +45 5351 7794

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