We offer a range of extensive training courses specifically designed to ensure you get optimal performance from your wind turbine and the best return on your investment. As a part of our Customer Partnering Concept we offer our customers and suppliers a range of training courses in the use of our products.

Our experienced instructors will take your employees through useful tools, best practice cases and frequently asked questions, all aimed at making you great at control. This is done in order to ensure you get the most out of your wind turbine and the best return on your Mita-Teknik investment. We provide tailor-made courses in:

  • Control System
  • Electrical Pitch System
  • Condition Monitoring System (CMS)
  • Wind Park Control Solution
  • Power Panel System
  • Commissioning Training
  • SCADA System
  • Application Development with PEPTOOL

We provide both in-depth training as well as broad introductions to general wind turbine control; regardless of your needs, we are capable of delivering exactly what you require. We can go into the specific technical details and show you how to work and operate our advanced control systems, or we can take a field trip and visit a real, live wind turbine for a first-hand experience. It’s all up to you.

Training - Worldwide

Our training facilities are located at our headquarters in Rødkærsbro, Denmark, where we can teach classes of up to 8 people. Our skilled instructors can also host the training event at a location of your choosing. Regardless of what you choose, our training sessions will directly benefit your setup and organization. Please consult your Mita-Teknik sales representative for more information.



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