Vestas V44 Retrofit

Case: Retrofit

Heritage Sustainable Energy contacted Mita-Teknik after a recent purchase of a decommissioned Vestas V44 turbine presenting the company with serious performance issues. Mita-Teknik supplied Heritage with a WP3500 Retrofit solution.

Park Power Management

Case: Park Control

Ensuring compliance to national grid codes is no simple task, which is why Basil Read Matomo approached Mita-Teknik, when they were faced with that exact challenge on their project in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Nordex N60 1.3 MW Retrofit

Case: Retrofit

A Retrofit solution from Mita-Teknik brought a Nordex N60 1.3 MW stall-regulated turbine that had been underperforming for two years back to life. Mita-Teknik delivered a complete Retrofit solution, including control system and SCADA.

Fuhrländer MD70 Retrofit

Case: Retrofit

Mita-Teknik’s Retrofit team successfully completed a retrofit using the WP3x00 MK ll controller. The installation was carried out on the popular MD70 platform. The WP3x00 MK ll hardware is designed for easy plug-and-play installation.

Marine Current Turbines (MCT)

Case: Offshore

Marine Current Turbines was looking for a control platform for their commercial demonstration tidal turbine, SeaGen. SeaGen is a 1.2 MW twin rotor device. The solution included the Mita-Teknik WP4x00 series of control equipment.

Retrofitting the Vestas Family

Case: Retrofit

A Retrofit solution from Mita-Teknik meant that a before troublesome Vestas V44 turbine is now the site’s top-performer. The turbine was retrofitted with the latest WP4x00 control and supervision system.

NEG Micon NM48 Retrofit

Case: Retrofit

RockWind decided to replace the existing TAC I control system in the 600 kW NEG Micon NM48 turbine with a new WP100 Controller - 30 from Mita-Teknik, including MiCMS Condition Monitoring and MiScout SCADA.

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