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Case: Suzlon S64 1.25 MW Retrofit

Nordic Wind Technology retrofitted 13 Suzlon S64 1.25 MW turbines in Minnesota, which included a controller upgrade for 6 turbines from Mita-Teknik.

The Retrofit solution is based on turbine software from Nordic Wind Technology and a controller upgrade from Mita-Teknik. The Retrofit solution provided a completely new control environment for the Suzlon S64 turbines. With the installation of the new 6th generation multi brand surveillance system, MiScout 5, the owners also got a state-of-the-art SCADA solution providing full monitoring of all available data in order to reduce maintenance cost, optimize operations, and increase profit.

Claus Vilsen, Leading Technical Project Manager at Mita-Teknik says: “At the wind farm in Minnesota, we replaced our discontinued WP3000 Control Systems with our new modern controller. We provide a proven Retrofit solution and can guarantee safe and easy upgrades to regain maximum performance from the turbines”.

As the wind industry progresses with rapid pace, it is critical that older turbines are equipped to meet today’s control and performance standards. Retrofitting older turbines with new and field-proven control technology, including intelligent SCADA solutions, can effectively increase the turbine’s annual energy production, heighten the availability, and provide modern remote access. In combination with renewed access to spare parts, the turbine’s lifetime can be extended with better profitability.

“With our turbine software and the controller upgrade from Mita-Teknik, we are able to retrofit our project based on Bachmann and Mita controllers. We get a Retrofit upgrade to current industry standards with a modern control and surveillance solution with full access to all data, enabling remote access, improved surveillance, and servicing of the turbines”, says Steffen Larsson, CTO at Nordic Wind Technology.

Mita-Teknik and Nordic Wind Technology are determined to develop innovative Retrofit solutions to the aftermarket. With their extensive range of controller upgrade solutions for various turbine types, Mita-Teknik and Nordic Wind Technology demonstrate a continuous devotion to the Retrofit area.

Thomas Liratsch, President & CEO of Mita-Teknik US Inc. adds: “This is not only another new and very exciting Retrofit project for Mita-Teknik in the US; this also shows that our customers appreciate a complete solution out of one hand. Combining Mita’s 50 years of control knowledge with the latest release of our MiScout 5 SCADA software rounds off the image of a modern control system”.

Ib Runge Hansen, CEO of Nordic Wind Technology adds: “Retrofitting Suzlon S64 and S88 turbines with up-to-date software solutions is a much-needed improvement for the wind turbine owners, as the current turbines are running on outdated software. This is preventing production efficiency, data availability, cost reductions, and it reduces the lifetime of the turbines”.

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