Case: Bringing a stall’ed Turbine Back to Life

A Retrofit solution from Mita-Teknik brought a Nordex N60 1.3 MW stall-regulated turbine that had been underperforming for 2 years back to life.

On the sloping mountain sides of Kagoshima, Japan, sits a Nordex Wind Park owned by one of Japans largest utility companies, JPower. One of the site’s turbines had been underperforming for two years, until the owners decided to bring it back to life using the Mita-Teknik Retrofit Solution.

The Nordex Retrofit project was carried out as a cooperation between JPower, Mita-Teknik and a local service provider.
Mita-Teknik delivered a complete Retrofit solution, including the Control System Hardware, Software and SCADA for the Nordex turbine. 

As all of Mita-Teknik’s products are open, flexible and made for easy integration into existing setups, the service provider was able to efficiently install the Retrofit hardware, leaving only the Software Integration and Field Test for Mita-Teknik’s Customer Projects Engineer.

Numbers Don’t Lie

An availability rate of more than 98% and more than 800 MWh produced since the Retrofit, shows just how much is to be gained from this solution.

In addition to the improved production, the Retrofit Solution from Mita-Teknik also ensures the owners;

  • Balanced and positive ROI
  • Reduced O&M costs
  • Access to spare parts
  • Independence from the OEM
  • Full support
  • Proven technology

A Successful Project

Customer Projects Engineer, John Kirk, who was responsible for developing the software for the project, left the site in Kagoshima with a smile on his face, as he finished the project in time to carry out a full 24-hour test of the turbine in high speed winds.

“It is not every day you get the opportunity to carry out such a comprehensive test before you leave a site, so I was happy to see the retrofitted turbine in operation in real life conditions and to see that everything worked perfectly.” says John, who has been doing remote follow-up support and fine-tuning of the turbine from his desk at Mita-Teknik HQ after returning to Denmark.

“We have actually been able to improve the performance of the turbine and bring the availability above 99% in December, which is very satisfying for all parties involved.” John concludes.



Scope of Supply

Every Retrofit Solution can be customized to fit any specific setup, but typically, we provide the following equipment and services for a Retrofit Project:

  • Engineering
  • Main Control System
  • Turbine Application Software
  • Grid Connection System
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Accessories
  • Park Control
  • Certification
  • Support & service
  • Training

Wind Turbine technologies have evolved tremendously and the possibilities for retrofitting older turbines is now both financially, and in terms of service, more attractive than ever. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective concept for retrofitting all types of wind turbines.

Our Retrofit Solution helps you upgrade the Control and Electrical Systems in your wind turbine to new, improved systems that are up-to-date with local and market requirements.

With our experience and proven solutions, you can safely and easily upgrade and regain maximum performance from your turbines.

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