Case: Fuhrländer MD70 Retrofit

Mita-Teknik’s Retrofit team has successfully completed the first retrofit using the newly designed WP3x00 MK ll controller. The installation was carried out on the popular MD70 platform.

The new WP3x00 MK ll controller has been installed, and is now being tested in the Fuhrländer MD70 turbine, which is a 1.5 MW turbine with a rotor diameter of 70 meters.

The MD70 platform is a very popular turbine type, which has been installed extensively all over the world for many years, which means that a lot of the turbines in operation today are running with outdated control systems and electronics, and would therefore benefit from being retrofitted.

Mita-Teknik’s customer, GFW Windenergie, is a German service company, who besides running a service branch, also own and operate their own turbines, among these several MD70’s. The turbine that was chosen for the retrofit was well known to Mita-Teknik, as it was already equipped with the WP3x00 MK l and WP3050 displays.

”We approached GFW Windenergie to seek out the possibility to install our new WP3x00 MK ll controller in their MD70 turbine, as that would give us an amazing opportunity to test both the new WP3x00 MK ll hardware, and also test various optimization solutions on this particular platform.” says Kristian Kjærholm, Business Development Manager in Mita-Teknik.

The new solution for the MD70 consists of the new WP3x00 MK ll controller installed in the nacelle, and two WP4059 displays, one installed in the nacelle and one at the tower base. The WP3x00 MK ll hardware was designed for the purpose of easy plug-and-play installation, which means that it is now incredibly simple to replace an old controller with a new and improved version.


”Our hardware team has really done a super job with the new WP3x00 MK ll. It only took us 3 hours to install the new controller. All we had to do, hardware wise, was to disconnect the old controller and plug in the new one. The entire running-in was carried out in less than a week.” says Claus D. Vilsen, Technical Account Manager for Aftermarket in Mita-Teknik, who was responsible for the commissioning of the MD70.


Mita-Teknik foresees many interesting opportunities in the future cooperation with GFW Windenergie, as the service company specializes in a large part of the turbine types that are interesting to Mita-Teknik’s Retrofit solutions. The MD70 platform in particular is interesting to Mita-Teknik, as it is a turbine type that has been installed extensively throughout Europe and especially China, and it is estimated that several thousand of these units will be ready for retrofitting in the coming years.

“The learnings from the MD70 are directly applicable to similar turbine designs, and it gives us great confidence to know that we have a competitive solution that can solve many future Retrofit challenges.” Kristian Kjærholm concludes.


Advantages of the new WP3x00 MK ll Controller:

  • Fast plug-and-play installation
  • Lower commissioning costs
  • More processing power to increase AEP (compared to MK l)
  • Grid measurement according to IEC61400-21
  • Fast communication via Ethernet
  • Supports MiConnect


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