Case: Making Customers Competitive

Providing our customers with solutions that make them competitive is what drives Mita-Teknik. One of these customers is RockWind.

RockWind is an American company out of Rockford, Illinois, who specializes in purchasing, refurbishing and re-siting decommissioned wind turbines.

RockWind’s end-customers are primarily found in the construction, warehouse/logistic centers, education, retail malls or manufacturing industry. It may be customers setting up new facilities, or clients looking to make their existing facilities more sustainable. In this specific case, the refurbished 600 kW NEG Micon NM48 turbine was erected at the new Method Products production facility in Chicago, IL. Method is a rapidly growing eco-friendly cleaning supply company whose products are sold primarily through major retail outlets. This plant is one of the few Platinum LEED certified manufacturing plants in the world using solar, wind energy and a massive green roof.

The RockWind Solution

RockWind’s end-customer, Method, was looking for a worry free and well managed solution that was easy to monitor and maintain. To answer their needs, RockWind decided to replace the existing TAC I control system in the turbine with a new WP100 Controller – 30 from Mita-Teknik, including MiCMS Condition Monitoring and MiScout SCADA.

With the introduction of a brand new control system, RockWind and Method attain:

  • Full documentation
  • Full support
  • Access to spare parts
  • Commissioning support
  • 5 years warranty
  • Predictive maintenance
  • 24/7 monitoring


“Our customers are non-turbine specialists managing only one or two wind turbines. They need expert support, durability and excellent up-time without full time staff on site. The new Internet-based controllers and CMS from Mita-Teknik fit the bill perfectly” - Dick Johnson, President, RockWind.

Designed with the Future in Mind

Working with old reconditioned components without support and knowledge of the cost levels of tomorrow, is high risk and endangers the business. With the complete retrofit solution, Mita-Teknik and RockWind, working as a team, brought the turbine back to life and safeguarded the asset for the future.

The complete control retrofit and refurbishment, carried out on the NM48, will reduce its owner’s carbon footprint and ensure a steady supply of green energy for many years to come.

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